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2008 Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge

We have been following Ben and Matt Cullen throughout their attack on the Australia Rally Championship F16 Title and they have done it again, receiving a Top 10 finish in the 2008 Tasmanian Tarmac Challenge last weekend! Good stuff guys.

Check out some in-car footage after the jump:


Call Me Crazy!!!

Is it just me or are all Irish ’86 owners batshit insane???

No Frills, Just Skills!

Back in 2004, the now well-known sport of drifting was only in it’s infancy here in Australia.  A driver well known to the ’86 fraternity for competing in his pink Levin Hatch in Drift Australia and more recently for putting a 1UZ-FE V8 motor into his now red Hachiroku, Josh Young began his 86 drifting career in a piss yellow ’86 sporting only the most basic of basic modifications. He showed that you didn’t need massive amounts of power or fancy mods to be competitive in the drift scene back then.

Please be sure to check out an old article about this car which was originally published in Drift Battle Magazine as well as 10 minutes of video footage of this car in action after the jump!


Sydney HR Meet-Up THIS SUNDAY!

This Sunday the 28th,  we will be holding our September End Of Month Meet “Bowling for Steak”

HR will be heading to the Outback Steakhouse for eats and then across the road to AMF bowling to see who has the biggest balls.. err bowling balls that is!

We will be meeting at 6PM in the Outback Steakhouse car park, then upstairs for meat’N’greet!! Prices start at $15 for their burgers and up for $32 for the BIG T bone.

Once were full up there, we can waddle on to the AMF bowling centre for a few games of ten pin and laughs!

Outback Steakhouse 3 George Street North Strathfield Link

AMF Bowling Centre Link

HOPE TO SEE ALL YOU REGULARS AND NEW FACES AS WELL! Remember be on your best behaviour too!

Aussie Group A ’86 @ Bathurst Museum

Almost two years ago I took a trip up to the National Motorsport Muesum at Mt Panorama in Bathurst to check out the old Group A AE86 that used to race around Bathurst back in the day. The museum has restored an old circuit racer and this particular car was piloted by John Smith and Drew Price from 1985 to 1987.

It is said that this car was originally built in Japan but only raced in Australia. The AE86 had 28 class wins from 28 race starts and is recognised for doing so in the ‘Guiness Book of Records’! The car also held the under 2 liter class touring car lap record in every Australian state within its time. Not bad for the humble hachiroku eh?

More pics after the jump:


Tedsport 2.5L AE86 Rally Monster

This would have to be the best prepared rally AE86 the world has seen. I remember seeing this car about a year ago and posted up a video on the forums when the car featured 200hp ‘Blacktop’ 20 valve 4A-GE. However the car has gone through some changes recently and this monster ’86 is now packing a Millington Diamond 2.5L 4-cylinder motor.

No idea what we’re on about? Well the Million Diamond is the motor that is currently used  and preferred by most of the big-shot ford escort owners in the Irish tarmac rally series. These engines have the potential of making above the 350hp mark with massive amounts of torque to boot!


4A-GE Orchestra

BEHOLD! The different sounds of worked NA 4A-GE’s.. what perfection!


Simply The Best. Better Then All The Rest.

Could this be the best Hachi Roku to ever be built outside of Japan? Or could this even be the best the world has ever seen?

This car hails from the never sunny UK, where a crazy English man known as Ian G has spent over 3 years & thousands of Pounds to create his ideal F20C-powered Hachi Roku. (more…)

It’s Turbo Time!

You may remember a few months back we posted up that Hasselgren was building Taka Aono a turbo powered 16v 4A-GE for his Formula D AE86? Well it’s finally finished! Check out the the next two videos for the first runs on the dyno and it in full flight at practice at Formula D Seattle.

Toshiki Yoshioka Interview

By none other than Antonio Alvendia, man that guy gets around!