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Once You Go Black…. forum member ‘Kid’ recently swapped his 16 Valve out for the mother of all 4A-GEs: The AE111 ‘Blacktop’ 20 Valve! Now, I know the specs of the Blacktop and the Silvertop aren’t ALL that different, but goddamn it sounds awesome. Hit the jump for the youtube vid.. love the flyby @ 0:51 seconds! WOOOOO!


Don’t You Wish You Could Rescue This

Left to enjoy the elements – Winds Auto in Kumagaya, Saitama.

Fresh Blood

Some interesting styling changes from the guys @ J-Blood with their new line of bodykits released early this month.  First thing that really pops out is the radical new rear bumper design incorporating a wrap-under rear diffuser and their addition of a similar front diffuser/air intake to the newly-redesigned front bumper, which reaches all the way under the engine to the crossmember and sports a quirky air-vent.

Pictured with the blister over-fender kit, type-2 carbon hood and type-2 wing, the new additions to the kit certainly look unique, but personally I think it will look more in place on the D1GP circuit machines than on ’86s rockin’ the everyday streeter look – cars that the old J-Blood styles previously lended themselves to so well.

What do you think? Hit the jump for the gallery and let us know on the comments.


‘86 Essentials: Tube Garage

Another Japanese car yard specialising in AE86s, Tube Garage the place to go for some seriously good condition Hachiroku’s.  Like their Kyoto brothers Carland, Tube Garage offers all kinds of AE86 related goods & services to the folks in around Ichinomiya City in Aichi. Catering for all walks of AE86 enthusiast, they offer ‘Best Car’ and ‘Low Price’ cars in addition to their flock of tasty ‘Regular’ (and we use this word loosely) Levins and Truenos.

Their juxtaposing Trueno and Levin Demo cars, both set-up quite differently (one sporting a AE111 Blacktop 20 valve – the other a AE92 16 valve ‘smallport’), are just a representation of the high standard of vehicles that Tube Garage offer on their 60 car strong ’86-only sales lot!

Check ’em out here.


Don’t forget folks, the AE86 Annual 2008 is happening in Brisbane this weekend! Karting, touge, drinks, laughs and over $2000 in prizes are guaranteed to be had so rock on down and say hi!

This also means the blog team is out of action until Tuesday whilst we’re interstate! Sorry but it will be worth it!

Check out for all the details.

See you there!

Just When You Think You’ve Done It…

I’m speechless….

One Shot: Night Of Fire

Last Saturday night on a touge road “a couple of hours out of Tokyo”….
Check out the wallpaper in the downloads section.

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AE86s @ Fuji D1 ’08

Alexi from noriyaro again provides us with the latest coverage out of Japan and today he shows us an endangered species – the D1GP AE86.

Caught in the wild at the D1 Grand Prix final in Fuji Speedway last weekend, these AE86’s are the few still competing in what has become a huge horsepower competition. It is a shame to see the AE86 losing it’s competitive edge in a world dominated by machines boasting 400ps power output figures, but it is still exciting to watch the dedicated ’86 pilots in their do-or-die corner entry speeds, flat to the floor to keep up with the big boys!


Team Kassou Subashiri Coupe

I’ll have to let these pics speak for themselves as Alexi from was only being a carpark ninja and has no extra info on it. Enjoy!

AE86 Restoration: The Japanese Way

Those crazy Japanese… When it comes to ground-up AE86 restoration they really truly have it down.  This guy has five AE86’s of his own, but this one is pure perfection. It’s like an excerpt from Levin & Trueno Magazine with the level of detail they go to.

Make sure you click ALL the links at the top of the page to see the build in its entirety!