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Carland Autumn Meet

Since their very first meet was a success, Carland held a second one last weekend to enjoy the many changing colours of Autumn on the mountain roads!


One Shot: Shino Kouba Coupe

Alexi from give us the lowdown our latest ‘One Shot’:

The owner’s name is Numajiri, the photo was taken at a Nikko Circuit practice day. He used to work for Shino Kouba workshop which is why he runs the garage name across the windscreen. I think it has something to do with Ken Satoh in regards to the bodywork.

It is a complete grip car. When I rode in it, the semi slicks were almost worn out, but he was able to hammer it for most of the track anyway. AE111 engine I believe… injection with open bellmouths, tubular manifold, ECU on the floor, bolt in rollcage, completely stripped.


We tend to agree. Check out some exclusive wallpapers over on our new Downloads section.

Rough World AE86

Care of Auto Otaku (via Kultivate) comes this staunch little Levin with some serious attitude. Some strange body mods but the wheels and colour definitely make up for it. Simplicity in its finest form!

Check it out Here.

Spot-T Night Meet

It being the last few weeks of summer in Japan, the ’86 enthusiasts in the land of the rising sun make good use of the warmer nights to gather in roadside parking areas and talk up all things hachi roku.  Only a few weeks earlier, the same crew attended the HACHiRoCK!! FeSTA 2008, but being the die-hard AE86 fans they are, were itching for another meet up before the frozen months set in, trapping them inside their houses for 3 months of AE86-less confinement.

Check the website for the rest of the photos. It never ceases to amaze me simply how many AE86 enthsiasts there are in Japan, and again how many of them are feverishly active within the Japanese scene.

AE86 Annual 2008

I’m happy to announce the brand spankin new site for the AE86 Annual 2008 is done!

Come check it out and get all the low down on the MASSIVE event we’ve got in store for this year! Everyone is welcome to attend both days of hachiroku fun (and no doubt madness when Beau gets to QLD….) yes that means even you KE70 guys! We know HR is AE86 ‘exclusive’ but we’re more than happy for everyone to come down and enjoy the good times to be had!

Did i mention the $2500 bucks in prizes to be won? Oh no I didn’t… YES that’s right, We aren’t mental but thanks to our 2008 event sponsors Kaizen Garage, JDMYARD, AJPS and Royal Garage, we are proud to have selection of awesome parts and accessories to be won!

To be eligible to win all you need to do is come to the event in your AE86 (sorry KE guys!) and register with the HR Event Staff and hope your name gets drawn in the raffle! Prizes will be randomly drawn all weekend and anyone can win so don’t miss out!!

See you there guys, I wanna see Queensland show the rest of Australia’s AE86 community just how massive the AE86 scene is up there in my home town!

Live the ’86 Life!

Chillin’ out after a hard day at the circuit..

Taken @ D1SL Central Competition, Wednesday 1 October @ Honjo Circuit.
Photo: Alexi Smith @

AE86 Celebration @ Nikko Circuit

Miguel from Newera Imports always has great coverage of the Japanese AE86 scene and again he doesn’t disappoint! On Sunday 5th Aug (the day before Monday 6th August aka hachiroku day) Tec Arts, one of Japan’s top AE86 tuners  and a family run business with a lot of passion for the AE86, organised a day of driving, drifting and AE86 celebration. Techno Pro Spirits were also there with their N2 race car, as well as other very cool AE86’s.



Ahhh Japan. Does a week go by without another massive AE86 event happening somewhere on your small-yet-crowded island? First it was 8/6 day, then the insanity of racing at Okayama and now “HACHiRoCK!! FESTA 2008” When will it end? (Never we hope!)

The event is held annually in a reserved parking area owned by the Sagamiko Resort in Kanagawa and last year saw over 250 cars turn out for a day of AE86 fun and friendship. HACHiRoCK!! FESTA is mostly a social event where AE86 owners from all over Japan can get together and meet up with those they might only have ‘spoken to’ on the Internet.

The event is organised around an official schedule and within it there is an ‘Introductions’ segment where they go from group to group (organised into regions like yokohama, tokyo, kansai, etc) where everyone can find people they know on Minkara (A Japanese ‘Cardomain’ style site) and Mixi (Japanese ‘Facebook’) as well as people who live in your region and get to know them a little better. Oh and of course talk endlessly about your own car and the experience associated with drivng, racing, fixing and living/breathing an AE86 life.

For the 2008 event, over 20 sponsors turned up to support the gathering (including all the big workshops like Garage Annex, Expert-Oz, TOOLBOX, Ukiya Shoukai, CBY, TecArts and heaps more!) with more than 300 cars attending! It was an AE86 gathering of epic proportions!

Most of the workshops who turned up, brought along their top-shelf demo cars to no doubt garner interest in their hottest new design idea or perhaps just to gather spectator drool off the floor. A few of the more well known AE86-exclusive drift teams made the trip and transported their entire squads down there too!

It’s one of the biggest social AE86 events of the Japanese AE86 enthusiast calendar along with several other internationally renowned meets, its surely one to watch out for next year. Watch the HR Blog for next year’s direct coverage when our reporters head over to cover the massive event planned for ’09.

Check out the pics from the day here.

Certificate of Authenticity: Chowini ’86

One of the newest members to the HR forums, Eircamae86, has scored himself his very own slice of real AE86 racing history with this period-spec Levin GTV.

TOM’S were assigned by Team Chowini in Hong Kong to build them another racer for their ever expanding stable of many AE86’s owned by the Chowini team.  The car was built from a brand-new never-registered 1983 Corolla Levin GTV. The chassis has since been fitted with a fully-gusseted, up-to-spec, 8 point roll cage throughout and all the original steel panels remain in their rightful place with the shell featuring lightweight ‘Lexan®-style’ glass for that added weight advantage.


PaperCraft AE86

Don’t have the money to fix your hachi or even to ponder the possibilites with a plastic model replica of your dream hachiroku?? Well look no further for a solution for your hachi-fever because now you can have your every own paper AE86!

Check out these links here and here (and instructions here) for your paper ’86 fix!