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We’ve All Been There..


Just when you think your circuit day is going along fine… BANG! There goes your diff/gearbox/clutch/engine… you name it!  Then you spend the next 2 hours on your back in the carpark while your best mate passes you the tools to fit the spare part of of your hachiroku brothers had brought along spare in the boot. Ahhh, the perks of living the ’86 life!

Have you had a shocker trackday? Got a ‘side-of-the-highway’ horror story to share? Had a 86 brother (or sister) bail you out? Hit up the comments and share!

Photo: TEC-ART’S

A Little Traction Over Here Please?

Quick vid of Nick Teebon tearing up the 2009 Auckland Domain Hillclimb in his turbocharged hachiroku. It looks as if it hasn’t got any traction at all, but he still holds onto it like a pro! Nice work Nick!

If your in NZ and keen to hit up some hillclimb action in your very own ’86, Driftopia is hosting the next event on June 1 at Taupo Motorsport Park. Check their website for more info!

Canadian Cool


Not only the country of some of the best snow fields in the world, Canada is also the home to some hella cool AE86s! PDM racing is one workshop who is pushing the hachiroku envelope in the land of the maple leaf and they’ve posted up their build up log for the trueno race car they built recently.

With nothing more than a bone stock 1986 black on black coupe with only lowering springs, no lsd, worn rubber bushings and stock brakes, the crew at PDM set out on a task to transform the sedate street driven car into a serious competitor.

Hit this link for the log and big cheers to the guys over @ 86ers blog for the story!

More Ebisu Matsuri AE86’s!


Coverage of events are always better when you have an AE86-maniac behind the lens!  Keisuke gives us the hachiroku insight into the infamous drift festival!

The Navi took me through some backroads that you would have never thought lead to Ebisu, For a few instances I had my doubts but in the end I got there and I had a smile as big as the moon. For me, the highlight of the event had to be riding in a AE86 from Team Peak on Kita course…

Check out all the pics over at 86 Fighters blog!

Out In The Garbage Pile


AE86 fanatic and all round good guy, Keisuke from 86 Fighters blog has a story about another abandoned child for us to mourn.

I was in Tateshina at my fathers Bach in Nagano Prefecture. Whilst I was down there, we were driving towards a small town called Chino.

On the way, an orange car dumped on some old tyres, beside a Dunlop tyre shop caught my eye… It was an AE86 Levin hatch!

I went to the shop and asked the shop owner what had happened…

It should serve as a small but ominous reminder for all of us to head out to the garage this weekend and do some much-needed work on our own hachi rokus! Read the rest of the article over at his blog. Love your work Keisuke!

Spring Drift Matsuri AE86’s


Dino over @ SPEEDHUNTERS has got the third and final part of his coverage of the 2009 Ebisu Spring Drift Matsuri and there’s some great AE86 shots in there (especially this one of the twin RunFree Levins – airborne in unison!!) Check it out now! Parts one, two and finally three!

Tasmanian Drifting Devil


Four months of solid work has paid huge dividends for Mark Rogers, who has been building his 3S-GTE powered AE86 in preparation for Saturday’s second round of the Specialised Performance  Garage Tasmanian Drift Series. It was the car’s debut event and what a debut it was!


Don’t Forget! Melb HR Swap Meet THIS SUNDAY!!


Don’t forget guys and gals, this Sunday we’re having our first ever HR Swap Meet in Melbourne! Doesn’t matter if it’s an AE86 or any other Toyota, just bring your bits along and trade up!

Date & Time
Sunday 10th May 2009 @ 2PM

Meeting Point
Brimbank Park (last carpark). End of Park Drive @ Keilor VIC 3033

See you there!

New! Autoworks Hachiroku Max


It’s an all AE86 affair with the latest release from Autoworks. Running 126 pages, the ‘Hachiroku MAX special edition’ is packed full of  photos, ranging  from your top-end AE86 garage demo cars to the grassroots level hachiroku enthusiasts.   Autoworks runs a format consisting of a hell of a lot of pics and little amount of text, so if you don’t read Japanese, you know you’re getting your moneys worth. Volume 49 features cars from Cashiew, Kitokito Racing, Car Factory AI, KRS and heaps more not associated with any particular garage!

As with our other magazine story this week, we can offer a mailout service for those of you not able to get to a Japanese bookstore. If you’re interested in purchasing a copy, drop us an email to blog [at] and I’ll get a reply back to you with a quote for the magazine shipped to your door! Live the 86 Life!

Hachi Roku Hanami


’86 blogger Hatti gets in on the sakura season with some hanami of his own ‘Corolla’ Levin. Trying my best to get a high resolution of this one for a wallpaper so until then, enjoy!