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N2 Racers, Mosaic Censors and Plywood.

Although completely untranslated, this video has got to be one of the most unusual N2 ’86 builds i’ve seen yet!

Being built by Tsuchiya Engineering (not that Tsuchiya) for Tsukuba time attack use (and maybe the upcoming N2 race in Okayama later this year), it features plywood underbody diffusers, more monkeybars than your local playground and amongst countless other custom suspension modifications, a very unusual, and apparently somewhat secret, one-off rear roll centre setup; the thing is simply crazy.

The guy in the video is Haruo Tsuchiya and he’s the boss of Tsuchiya Engineering. Normally builders of GT300 and GT500 cars, the workshop has also built Manabu Orido’s RS-R D1GP Supra and countless other race machines so it’s no surprise to see a humble AE86 with this much development put into it. We love it!



Total ghetto spec. The car is so messy it’s a testment to the driver to keep it on the road! I’m simply gobsmacked….

Oh, and Happy AE86 Day! (for those of us in non-american dated countries that is…)

Justin McClintock Race Wins @ Oran


As father time closes in on Australia’s historic Oran Park, one of HR’s hachiroku racers has taken pole, victory twice and set a personal best time on the famous circuit. With the track closing soon due to development, Justin has proven his car to be a mighty fast machine as the 3S-GE equipped, dry sumped machine came to Oran Park after only a hand full of meetings since the completion of its two year build.  Justin said on the HR forums:

Qualifying got me my first Pole Position with a 1.19.2 at Oran which is also a personal best. The car wasnt handling great though as i only won the first race by the slimmest of margins. Actually the tyres seemed to go off at the end of the race, but then Race 2 arrived and i managed to win that one too! The awesome weekend was going great: The car was quick, i was re-learning how to drive it again and all going well, then the final. I got a bad start, arrived at turn two in 2nd, slightly wet track ……. and then nothing. F%#K!! 3rd nothing. The gearbox was dead. I thought I had lost the tailshaft, all i got was just neutral. Tried 4th and got some drive, by this stage I had lost so many positions I could not tell you where I was. So that was it. I had 4th & 5th gear only. I just had to do what I could with what i had left so I picked off a few, and got back to 9th….. bit if a struggle but still good fun.

I am sure Justin will be back after sorting out his gearbox problems to run again in the Improved Production Series. Hit the jump to see the limited pics, partly due to Matt Mead locking the keys in his car and my forgetting to bring a camera!


Jason Sherring’s 4A-GTE Levin


The boys over at DK (thats Drift Kulture for you who aren’t in the know) have got a feature up on a pretty trick turbo hachiroku.

Having worked for an import company before, Jason has been able to get his hands on a number of unique parts to add to the ’86, which has helped make it the car it is today. A few parts to mention is the 15×8 Work Equipe 01’s and SSR MKIII’s, a GReddy 4A-GE turbo kit with a TD05, as well as DRoop coilovers.

Sound good? Then head over there and read the rest!

Tec-Art’s OS Piston Set


Calling it the ‘Forged Hyper Piston Set’, Tec-Art’s have released a bunch of new oversized piston sets for you guys out there who aren’t so much fans of stroking (ba dum chh)… The sets come in 81.5φ, 82φ and for the insane an 83φ version too. That said to use the massive 83 spec set, extra modifications to the usual are required and the use of an 82.5φ head gasket is a must (which luckily enough can be purchased from Tec-Art’s also!)

If you’re up for getting stroked (.. sorry I just can’t resist) check out the Tec-Art’s engine parts page here.

A Novel Use


Evidently in Japan, Hayashi ‘Street Fins’ are not as rare as they are in the rest of the world! On the other hand, why is this Japanese lass watering the gutter? Who knows, but it’s another fantastic piece of the ’86 lifestyle captured by the boys @ 86ers! If you’re not checking them out every day, you should be!

Lyndon Galbraith In-Car @ ’09 Coalgate Rallysprint

Everytime I see one of these rally incar videos i just have to wonder; Do these guys get sore from sitting on their massive nuts all day? Crazy, crazy sh*t! This time we see NZ lad Lyndon Galbraith in his Levin in the 3rd run of the 2009 Coalgate/Auchenflower Road rallysprint in which he placed first in his class, third for two wheel drive class and 15th overall! Lyndon says:

The event is run by the Autosport Car Club and is a 9km fantastic fast piece of road which attracted 56 entrants
It’s run @ 1 minute intervals and was originally pace noted, but we chose not to use them. I’d highly reccommend this event to anyone!

Do any of you rally in your AE86? What kind of tips and tricks can you share for those who want to get into it? Hit up the comments and help spread the love!

HotVersion N2 Wallpaper


Just a quick one today. I saw this wallpaper of the TRD N2 racer over at BestMotoring website and thought to myself “Hey, I’m sure those ’86 mania friends of mine would like this!” and so here we are. Enjoy!


Watch AE86Club DVD’s Now!


It was only a matter of time until one AE86 maniac got his sh*t together and posted this awesome series on YouTube. User mike0256 has spent some good hours ripping and uploading the entire AE86Club series for the benefit of all hachikind, so Check it out at his ‘Tube channel now and send him some messages of thanks!

So when you’ve watched em on youtube, get out there and buy the real deal so maybe we can get a volume 10 in the near future!

Not-So-Tourist Trophy


The guys over at Club4AG are celebrating as one of their own, Peter Diaz, has taken out the Hot Import Nights Englishtown ‘Best Driven Toyota” and “Best Driven Vehicle 99’ and Under” with his super clean Kouki-nosed Corolla GT-S Trueno.  Congrats to Peter and the Team Toyminator crew and keep reppin those hachirokus!

Hit up the C4AG forums for the rest of the pictures!