N2 Racers, Mosaic Censors and Plywood.

Although completely untranslated, this video has got to be one of the most unusual N2 ’86 builds i’ve seen yet!

Being built by Tsuchiya Engineering (not that Tsuchiya) for Tsukuba time attack use (and maybe the upcoming N2 race in Okayama later this year), it features plywood underbody diffusers, more monkeybars than your local playground and amongst countless other custom suspension modifications, a very unusual, and apparently somewhat secret, one-off rear roll centre setup; the thing is simply crazy.

The guy in the video is Haruo Tsuchiya and he’s the boss of Tsuchiya Engineering. Normally builders of GT300 and GT500 cars, the workshop has also built Manabu Orido’s RS-R D1GP Supra and countless other race machines so it’s no surprise to see a humble AE86 with this much development put into it. We love it!

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10 Responses to N2 Racers, Mosaic Censors and Plywood.

  1. Banpei says:

    I only saw the video being posted on Youtube last night!
    You were quick with this feature, guys! :)

    I was already wondering about the plywood: is that a rule or something? I can remember the Formula 1 introducing a plywood rule during the 90s to measure the amount of ground scraping on the cars.

  2. Garth says:

    I dont think its a rule in N2, being a really loose class rules already, so i’d assume since it’s only for Tsukuba timeattack use anyhow that its purely for aerodynamic uses.

  3. youngy says:

    I have no idea what he is saying! But I don’t see anything that revolutionary despite the pixel fairy………….

  4. Evan says:

    YOu can sort of see how that rear end would work.
    Pretty crazy

  5. Kieran says:

    think you’ll find that it would be more of a template for carbon,fibreglass etc. molding and shaping, could also be a form of alignment while carrying out chassi strengthing like seam welding.

    Highly doubt that they would even consider using ply wood with the amount of engineering that goes into the build of the cars.

  6. Garth says:

    The use of plywood as an underbody diffusers has been widely used in the past (even in F1!). It makes sense too if you consider the cost vs regularity of part replacement.

  7. At the rear, it seams they have no panhard rod, just 4 links. Where the lower 2 links join to the diff is the roll centre I guess, which probably has a incabin adjustment mechanism. Maybe this is a simpler setup than using a watts link V8 Supercar style?

    The front is interesting. They use the engine block as a solid chassis member, like in a open wheeler. The very long lower control arms and steering arms maybe to reduce bump steer, reduce camber change etc, and better position roll centre.

    In all it will probably make a better racecar, but by how much?

  8. no_tofu_speed says:

    Plywood diffusers, didn’t think they would use them for time attacks, but very popular in Japan for drift etc. The Panspeed D1GP FD3S used a front plywood diffuser, due to simplicity and cost.

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  10. Kid Karola says:

    Just watched this about 5 times :D Some very trick mods there. The blurred mount on diff likely has a roll centre adjustment of some kind? Besides the novel rear link setup the front end is a work of art! As Jonny mentioned custom crossmember mounted A-arm LCA, RCA intergrated struts, custom steering arms and adjustable ARB… everytime you watch you find something else!

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