Watch AE86Club DVD’s Now!


It was only a matter of time until one AE86 maniac got his sh*t together and posted this awesome series on YouTube. User mike0256 has spent some good hours ripping and uploading the entire AE86Club series for the benefit of all hachikind, so Check it out at his ‘Tube channel now and send him some messages of thanks!

So when you’ve watched em on youtube, get out there and buy the real deal so maybe we can get a volume 10 in the near future!

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13 Responses to Watch AE86Club DVD’s Now!

  1. johntramp says:

    piratebay torrent’s been up for ages ;)

    • Garth says:

      and the VHS has been out forever too, but this is for those people who aren’t too familiar with those other methods of watching it ;)

  2. evan says:

    I was going to post up about this.. soooo good

  3. genkin says:

    when will these be subbed?
    they are great to watch, but imagine how much more we’d from them if we could understand em

  4. Kid Karola says:

    Now I can watch the vids I left in Aus! hehe
    I know what I’ll be doing the next 9 hours ;)

  5. Spitfire says:

    Our boy Mike is sick and staying home for a long time these days so he thought it would be a cool idea to post it up. Btw he’s the brainiac behind our website, its only thanks to him that 86ers look and run as smooth as they do. :-)


  6. Mike0256 says:

    Thanks for the post, Garth! I’m glad to read this.

    It all started about a week or two ago when I was in hospital with my laptop and all 9 episodes of the 86 club on it. Yes, the torrents are there for ages… I just wanted to make it available on streaming and show the others people who won’t bother with downloading it or don’t know about it… starting 86 funs or whoever :).

  7. Mike0256 says:

    And I forgot about this:

    If you guys didn’t find out yet, there are playlists for each episode so you can watch it more comfortable.

  8. Garth says:

    Love your work boys. 86ers 4 life!

  9. Kid Karola says:

    Mike you don’t have Best Motoring Vol 41 & 42 (AE86 specials) by chance? My VHS copy was thrashed more then Keiichi’s N2 Levin ;)

  10. Alonso says:

    thats awesome, the best motoring stuff is always great
    long life for hachiroku

  11. Mike0256 says:

    Hey Kid, so far I found 42 here –
    You have to be logged in to see the download link… I’m just trying it out, hopefully there will be seeders.

  12. Mike0256 says:

    Damn, I already have that… lol.
    Cya soon on YouTube.

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