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Robo’s Fat Levin Coupe!

Today we have another Aussie feature car/interview for you. One of my favourite AE86’s, Robo’s simple yet effective Levin coupe is certainly tough as nails.

Background on yourself?
Well I was born in Brisbane in 1990, grew up around cars & motorbikes so I guess that was the start of it all! I have been into drifting/ import scene for a while now and i started going out to Queensland Raceway for photography back in late 2003 at the age of twelve or so! :)

History of your car?
From what I can tell my ’86 was driven around daily in Tokyo, Japan (where it came from), it had an easy life, I was very happy to see it as clean as it was! Being a grade 3 auction car, it was better than expected to be honest. When I got it the modding began from day one, I remember running inside to grab the dildo shifter to put in. Then came suspension/ wheels and as they say the rest is history!


Takumi Project Reunion

Some of the guys across the pond took it upon themselves to re-open the history book and re-live the fun they all use to have at the Takumi Project shop before it closed down. Check out some of the rigs that turned up at the reunion over at Club4A-G Forums, all looking amazing I might say!

Keiichi Scares TV Presenter!

With some of the worst subbing I’ve ever seen on a video, this clip is an excerpt from the Initial D Live Action Movie’s ‘Bonus Disc’ showing a very lucky yet shit-scared TV presenter getting a ride with Dorikin.  You don’t really need the translation to understand what happens. Reminds me of a scene with Takumi and Itsuki in the actual movie…

Check it out here.

The Evan Interview!

Here at HR we try to recognise those people in our community that have made or tried to make a difference as much as possible. People that have been in the scene for a long time or have owned/built/raced 86’s over the years.

We are going to try and turn this into a more regular type of thing. So if you enjoy this interview and know someone else worth interviewing please give us a yell with their contact details and why their journey has inspired you and why you think it should be told!


AE86 Rally Crash!

If this doesn’t scare you then you have large gooners! Poor 86!!


Sydney siders listen up!! This month we will be meeting for good times and photo op’s at THE FACTORY! So come one and all, enjoy the fried snags and bring some booze or some pop! Stretch out relax and come hang on while basking in the glory of everyone’s Hachiroku’s! Also grab a sneak peek at some of Australia’s latest and greatest 86’s in the build!

Hit the jump for the full information!


Project D Drift/Skid Pan Day July 22nd!

It’s that time again for Project D to hold one of there very exciting Drift days at Oran Park Skid Pan – Where the courses are set up with the drifter in mind not the insurance company! Its is on July 22nd Sunday and the day  kicks off at 9am but you’ll wanna get there at about 8am to sign on and get your car checked over by Eric the resident scrutineer!

Spectators are welcome! But let’s try and see some of us Toyota boys out there to show those dirty Nissans what the 4A-GE is capable of!

$150 for Non-Members.

$130 for Members.

For more details please visit the Project D forums as this is a direct link to the day in question.

5th Sydney HR Meet-Up – Old Pac Run!

Well I think this months event had to be the most fun and included some of the best people in the Sydney community!

We met up at Bobbin Head BBQ area among the mountains of smelly children, golf shirts and big sunglasses. We enjoyed a few brews (cokes of course) and some huge snags! Supplied by this months organiser and royal devourer of fish eggs… Adam!


Karts & Tacos – HR Sydney May Meet-Up

Another month and another HR meet up for Sydney! This month the plan was to meet up at Bunnings carpark just like the first Sydney meet BUT to then move on to the go kart track Indy Karts up at Revesby.


AE86 Hill Climber of DOOM!

You might be interested in what a Ukrainian man has done to a certain Trueno AE86 over in Europe.

The AE86 has a 1JZ in the front to begin with and the engine cooling setup to flow to the boot as a comprimise to the longer engine up front. It sports an IRS system under the back and also one heck of a body-kit. The car’s styling i think speaks for itself.

Pics after the jump.