5th Sydney HR Meet-Up – Old Pac Run!

Well I think this months event had to be the most fun and included some of the best people in the Sydney community!

We met up at Bobbin Head BBQ area among the mountains of smelly children, golf shirts and big sunglasses. We enjoyed a few brews (cokes of course) and some huge snags! Supplied by this months organiser and royal devourer of fish eggs… Adam!

After clowning around and ragging on each other and trying to convince Garth that he could have brought his 86 to the meet all he need was four Psycho Stick (skate boards) and two broom sticks, but he would have none of it. I think it was cause the Vision isn’t JDM.

Anyway, we headed out of Bobbin Head and on to a very busy Galston where we were passed by a panda Trueno, we got to the end of Australia’s busiest road (Galston Gorge) where we waited for the Trueno, Matt and myself having the short attention spans that we do set out to entertain ourselves, this went along the lines of us shouting witty remarks at chafers (Road cyclists) as they rode past.

After high tailing it out of there like Smokey and the Bandit! (oh yes i have a hella ‘stache and Matt was my bitch!) We were off to Wisemans Ferry! And what a long yet beautiful drive that was at sunset, we were treated to beautiful scenery and the sight of the most luxurious and dashing homes and wallowed in the self pity that our own homes looked like dog kennels compared to these mammoth structures.

We were then treated to a quick super down hill special run that lead to the ferry. Oh yes we got to ride the ferry across the river also there was something cool about rocking up in this hick town in a some noisy 86s boarding a ferry with all the 4WDs and utes and then noisily making our swift get away!

Once we got away from all the cousin Jeds we headed for the hill’s of course doing the speed limit while baking cookies for sick children, and ending the war in Iraq.

We eventually found our way to the legendary “Old Pac” where i dished out a one, two punch on Nye and Garth with my secret stolen move of sneaking up on him on the corners and disappearing by shutting the lights off. I heard the words from Nye’s mouth after i reappeared were “How did he catch up so fast!”

After making it off Old Pac we headed to a local Pub and Bistro in Hornsby, and my god do they breed the women good looking out there. If i wasn’t a branded man and a religious one at that, i would have been all over that Pub (and it’s women) like a rash! Once we talked a lil more sugar, we all split for the night and headed our own ways home. I’d personally like to thank Adam and Lisa for putting on a great day and for organising such a in-depth and fun Meet-Up.

Hopefully we can see more of you guys and girls at the July meet which will be a cruise and a looky at Bathurst! Check the forums for more details!

Photo: Matthew Mead Photography

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