1st HR All-Toyota Swap Meet – 22nd March!!


Recently, we here at HR were discussing the current financial climate and all the shiny bits we wanted from Yahoo. We noticed that we all had lot of spare parts left over we didn’t need any more and after a light bulb moment we hit on the idea of selling our stuff we don’t need so we can afford to buy more new shiny parts! Hooray!!

We all know selling through forums is not the most fun in the world and can be difficult selling something with out knowing what it looks like or getting low balled so bring your stuff along in your AE86 or any other Toyota and haggle, talk shit, sell, swap, give away and pretty much anything else! Now you can see all the bits you need and want and possibly trade your stuff for that! Everyone is after that little something so make sure your there to grab a bargain!!

22nd March – 10:30am till late.
9 Mavis Street
Revesby, Sydney

Don’t worry all you non-Sydney people, there are plans in the works for other swap-meets all over Aus in the coming months so stay tuned!


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