Flashback: Runfree Kouki Trueno

Back when I was pimply faced teenager I use to religiously buy every modified car related magazine that was available on the local newsagent shelves. A real favourite of mine was magazine called SPEED (which unfortunately no longer exists), and they happened to feature a car that was previously unknown to me. Once looking over the 4 page spread of this unknown car and reading every word over and over, I knew that one day I would have to own one of these cars.

The car happened to be a kouki Trueno hatch owned by the founder of Run Free, Koichi Yamashita and ironically the article and photos were written by Antonio Alvendia, the person responsible for bringing the original (not the current knock-off) AE86 Driving Club to the western AE86 scene.

See the amazing article after the jump:


Apologies about the poor quality scan.

Source: SPEED Magazine

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