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RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF Levin Wallpaper

Courtesy of the RAUH Welt-BEGRIFF (RWB) facebook page.

Old School Style

Running in the 90s..

Less is More

This great photo by portuguese photographer David Guimarães.. I think you would agree.  Check us out on Facebook for more of this daily.

Be Safe

Just remember, always carry a fire extinguisher in the cabin! A sad day for the owner of this beauty!

What’s Faster: Drift or Grip

The Run Free Levin 2-door piloted by Yamashita gives us a general idea, all while looking cool as hell!


Living The 86 Life, All Year Round

We spotted this hardcore display of 86 Life at Tsugaike Kogen Snow Resort in Nagano. After a intensely blizzardy full day in the carpark while it’s owner was on the slopes with the snowboard, the little hachiroku fired up first go and warmed it’s engine and cabin up while it’s owner packed up the gear and snowboard into the back.

Whilst only lightly modified (and with ice tyres equipped!) this little Kouki Levin 2-door was certainly exciting to see in such a extreme setting!

Dedication to the 86 Life! Let’s hope he’s checking for rust pretty regularly!

Future Proof: A BEAMS Weapon AE86

This is Sam Futcher’s AE86 Levin. Under the hood you will find none other than the 5th generation Dual VVT-i 3S-GE, or as it’s more commonly known, a BEAMS. This special variant of the 3S engine series is quickly gaining momentum as the engine for those considering conversions.

You see when Toyota needs a kick-ass motor made (like the 4A-G, 2ZZ or 2JZ) it calls upon Yamaha to work their special magic, and the 3S-G engine series is no different.  BEAMS is an acronym for Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System, referring to the somewhat special dual VVTi system that comes on the ‘Blacktop’ in Sam’s Levin Hatch.

Read more at Excitement! Car Magazine

The Road To Heaven

…would be made like this.  What a sweet bunch of corners! If you didnt already guess the star of the show, it’s the awesome-sounding Custom Garage Speed N2 Levin. Who says circuit cars can’t drift?

LEVIN On The Nürburgring

And other European circuits back in the 1980s!  F**k Yeah! I love nostalgia!

Roofchopped Levin Ute?

Now we have posted a roofchopped Trueno before, but what about this roofchopped Levin ute? Yes there will always be someone who wants to do it better.

You can watch this ute in action in this video after the jump!