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AE86 Tuning Guide: Ultimate Stopping Power!


So you’ve decided which engine combo you want and have more power than you know what to do with.. but how do you slow down from 0.5 past light speed or doing the Kessel run in 12 parsecs?

At the ’07 HR AE86 Annual at Oran Park whilst on the track it was brought to my attention something that was severely lacking on my car, and that was in the brake department. Screaming down the Oran Park straight and trying to stop at the end with stock ADM solid rotors and miniscule calipers is not something I want to do again.


AE86 Tuning Guide: Crazy Conversions!


So we’ve looked at your basic mods, some hard tuned NA, supercharged 4A’s and turbo 4A’s, but what do you do when you want (insert Jeremy Clarkson here…) MOAR POWAHH!?!?!

Well, as the old adage goes ‘There’s no replacement for displacement!’ so what if you want to fit a bigger engine in your AE86? What engines are available? Has it been done before?

Here we will look at what has been done before and what works when it comes to bigger and badder engines!


AE86 Tuning Guide: Turbo 4A-G!


So you like boost now? Got a taste for it with the 4A-GZE and now you want more? Well the next logical step is to bolt on a turbo!


AE86 Tuning Guide: Dial Z For Supercharged!

The guide returns for part three in our continuation of all things modified on your AE86. In the next few installments we are going to be looking at boosting your AE86, starting with the most commonly boosted engine: the 4A-GZE!


AE86 Tuning Guide: Bigger Bang N/A

N/A tuning is all about perfect balance, compression and revs. Balance and revs go hand in hand, as you need balance of the rotating assembly (crank, rods, flywheel, etc) to handle high revs which are needed for making power. Compression is an equal part of the equation, as its the part makes it go bang!

So hit the jump for part two of our AE86 Tuning Guide!


AE86 Tuning Guide: Basics Of Power

Over the course of this multi-part guide we are going to explore the ways in which you can modify your AE86. We will cover for the most part what does and doesn’t work without quoting chapter and verse from technical manuals, keeping it as a loose guide on what has worked for us personally and what hasn’t…

Covering all modification types like N/A tuning, forced induction, engine swaps, suspension, drive train and body modification, at each section we will explore the options available for the street cars, circuit cars, and drifters.

So lets begin!