Initial D Stage 5: Get Ready!

We’re only weeks away from new racing from Takumi and the Project D team! There are new character designs for what looks like younger Takumi and Keisuke, but an older Bunta! Romance is in the air and lot’s of new challengers!

We will keep you update with fansubs as soon as they happen!

In Its Element

AE86 Drifting at Nakayama Circuit – Just let it play and enjoy the raw energy.

Don’t forget to check out his channel.

Agression In Motion: TRA Kyoto FR-S

Love that soundtrack!

True Grit: Mechanics Before Aesthetics

Brian Egan’s mantra seems to be based around this mentality – and his car certainly shows it. Having taken 9 trophies already in various events this year, to call it ‘spartan’ would be quite fitting.

Hit SPEEDHUNTERS for more photos by legendary photographer Paddy McGrath.

Holy Trinity: Rocket Bunny. TRA Kyoto. FR-S.

Kei Miura of TRA Kyoto may have already fitted his now unmistakable ‘Rocket Bunny’ kit to Fredric Aasbo’s drift-maniac 2JZ Toyota 86 as well as BeeR’s Imai-san’s blue BRZ, but now his very own (full imported) Scion FR-S is complete.

The Toyota 86 is quite the handsome car from the factory, but with the addition of the ultra sculpted aero, it brings those subtle hints of agression into a fully fledged shouting match for attention.

Feast your eyes on it over at SPEEDHUNTERS.

Okayama Drama: 2012 AE86 Festival: Part 2

What’s a motor racing event without a little controversy right? Check out why over at 7Tune!

[via 7Tune]

2012 AE86 Festival in Okayama: Part 1

Adam from 7Tune ventured all the way to this years AE86 Festival in Okayama.  Lots of AE86 and this year some new 86s too! Check out his fantastic coverage over at the 7Tune website.

[via 7Tune]

AE86 Team Drift? Team Mouse

Taken from Drift Tengoku – Vol. 46 – Team Mouse are possibly some of the most famous team drifters in Japan. Probably only comparable to the infamous teams T50, Vivian or Soul, Team Mouse hachirokus all have impeccable style and their pilots superior driving skill.

What’s your all-time favourite Japanese AE86 drift team?


As the official N2 race at the 2012 AE86 Festival in Okayama International Circuit is happening today, I thought it might be fun to back back to February when the all-too-familiar group of N2 racers converged on Tsukuba Circuit.

Interestingly, Tsuchiya isn’t driving the KMS-prepped Levin today at Okayama, instead running a different car with the old TRD livery back on the bodywork.  The new car is running an engine from Car Factory Ai with a bodykit from Custom Garage Speed and the new RAYS TE37V wheels instead of the traditional RS Watanabe configuration!

2012 results will be in very soon, but in the meantime, let’s enjoy the videos.

VIDEO: Fuji 86 Style

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able join Alexi from Noriyaro as we ventured out to Fuji Speedway for the Fuji 86 Style event. At the end of the day there was a mass drivers parade of all AE86 and ZN6 86s on the main circuit! About 150 Toyota 86s and AE86s rolled into the pitlane to do a parade run of Fuji Speedway, led by Keiichi Tsuchiya!

As Alexi said over on his blog

This was an amazing event for any AE86 or 86 fan to visit. If you’d like to visit it, plan a trip to Japan around the 6th of August next year! I heard from the Managing Director of Fuji Speedway himself that there’s going to be more of these.

I can’t recommend it enough!