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AE86 related youtube clips that you need to see!

Grassroots Destruction

Keisuke from 86 Fighters in his AE86 at Meremere, Waikato, New Zealand kicking some ass. Choice!

[via Freshly Whipped & 86 Fighters]

Initial D: Fifth Stage Ep’s 3 & 4


So far only the Low Quality 360p raws are out and subbed. SAGE fansubs is waiting for the 720p HD rip, but for now you can watch them here:

Episode 3 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

Episode 4 – 360p LQ English Subtitle (360p LQ with Closed Captioning)

Beau Yates. Eastern Creek South Circuit. Win.

Beau Yates shows us how it’s done in his 3S-GE BEAMS Turbo Levin at the new Eastern Creek (Sydney Motor Sport Park) South Circuit! With years of experience and just over 300kW at the rear wheels on 1.1 bar, it’s no wonder he’s linking the track with ease!

In Its Element

AE86 Drifting at Nakayama Circuit – Just let it play and enjoy the raw energy.

Don’t forget to check out his channel.

Agression In Motion: TRA Kyoto FR-S

Love that soundtrack!

AE86 Team Drift? Team Mouse

Taken from Drift Tengoku – Vol. 46 – Team Mouse are possibly some of the most famous team drifters in Japan. Probably only comparable to the infamous teams T50, Vivian or Soul, Team Mouse hachirokus all have impeccable style and their pilots superior driving skill.

What’s your all-time favourite Japanese AE86 drift team?

VIDEO: Fuji 86 Style

Last month I was fortunate enough to be able join Alexi from Noriyaro as we ventured out to Fuji Speedway for the Fuji 86 Style event. At the end of the day there was a mass drivers parade of all AE86 and ZN6 86s on the main circuit! About 150 Toyota 86s and AE86s rolled into the pitlane to do a parade run of Fuji Speedway, led by Keiichi Tsuchiya!

As Alexi said over on his blog

This was an amazing event for any AE86 or 86 fan to visit. If you’d like to visit it, plan a trip to Japan around the 6th of August next year! I heard from the Managing Director of Fuji Speedway himself that there’s going to be more of these.

I can’t recommend it enough!

Back To The Old School! 1985 AE86 1000km Cup at Fuji Speedway!

YouTube motorsport archive legend ‘RocketPencil’ has uploaded some excellent AE86 Cup videos from the eighties. Featuring two of the rounds of the 1985 AE86 1000km race at Fuji Speedway, the footage is addictivley good!

Above is Round Two and below is Round Three.

Let’s hope soon RocketPencil can find Round One hiding amongst his retro motorsport contacts!

Drift Survival AE86 SUPER DRIFT

Some choice grassroots AE86 drifting straight outta Japan from the DRIFT SURVIVAL event in SUNAGAWA on the 22nd of July. Cheers to Ryota Sakaguchi for the video!

Sexy Sexy Ooh Sexy Sprinter

Sing it with me!