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AE86 related youtube clips that you need to see!

Be Safe

Just remember, always carry a fire extinguisher in the cabin! A sad day for the owner of this beauty!

Fine Details of the Frozen North

Canada can certainly turn out the super-slick clean street-driven AE86 when it wants to. Take this Trueno from Speed Syndicate in Burnaby, BC as an example of Canadian handiwork.

The lads at FourPlusOne met up one chilly night and shot this quick video highlighitng the hachiroku’s fine details.

What the F**K?

Sometimes advertising agencies get it right, sometimes they just sail right over the edge of the world and drop off into oblivion… this is one of those times.  One thing I have to mention: That’s a pretty sexy freaking factory AE86!

When You Hear It…

Sixteen valves at then thousand revolutions per minute. Godlike!

I Love My AE86!

Low Brain TV are onto something with their ‘I Love My AE86’ series of videos features some of the world’s AE86 owners waxing lyrical about their affinity for the mighty little Hachiroku. Hit the jump for more.


AE86 + BEAMS 3S-GE = Win

Not many videos on the YouTubes of an NA Altezza BEAMS powered AE86 on the circuit it seems! This rare find shows a racer hachiroku strapping the ass off lots of different makes and models around Okayama International Circuit.


Asayan tearing up Meihan Sportsland in his awesome AE86 at a HitomiGO drift day back in January 2008. あさやん LOOKING AE86 :: ひとみGO 走行会 2008.  Filmed and edited by all-round nice guy Laurence Janus!

Does it remind anyone of a certain ‘hachiroku.mpg’ from long ago of Katsuhiro Ueo in his AE85? Love it!

How To Fit Stretched Tyres – The AE86 Way!

Props to Banpei for finding this masterpiece!

1985 N2 Grand Cup @ Fuji Speedway

Awesome if not just for that audio track!

Thanks Karl

Malaysia’s Mount Akina

Bukit Putus road. They abandoned it, the AE86ers discovered it.