HOLY CRAP! FT-86 Leaked Brochure!

Start saving those pennies! Bodykit options, paint options, wow! Check it out translated at 7Tune here!

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5 Responses to HOLY CRAP! FT-86 Leaked Brochure!

  1. youngy says:

    What a crack up – the car has not even been released and they have done a fake run of brochures to beat more hype!

  2. Steve says:

    Ill bet both of my left nuts that isnt a production model.

    And what we get here in Oz well, i dont think it will be anything special, we can only hope.

    The 3 lower pics suggest to me that these are options, front bar/lip, skirts and rear pod type things. $40,000+ me thinks.

  3. kre says:

    seems to be getting uglier every time i see a picture

  4. Luke says:

    HOLY CRAP!! 2 posts in 2 months!!!! simply amazing!!

    Cant wait for this car tho, wish i had enough money to buy it new, its going to be an iconic car for sure!!!!!!!

  5. youngy says:

    no comments!

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