Tec-Art’s New 7AG Black Limited TURBO!

Here’s the new powerhouse from N2 heavy hitters Tec-Art’s! Quite the special car to choose as your workshop demo! Hotness indeed.

Have a read (if you can) of the magazine article from the latest G-Works. Page One. Page Two. Page Three.

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8 Responses to Tec-Art’s New 7AG Black Limited TURBO!

  1. adam says:

    from what i can see, its got a pulsar GTi-R intake on the quads, a greddy T518Z turbo, and an eye searing colour scheme on the inside…
    seriously, i can still see a ghosted image of the interior in my eyes.

  2. youngy says:

    Nice clean build. Personally I have not really understood the excitement some people have for the black limited. It’s more like a sportsgirl edition of Barina.

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  4. Benny says:

    What kinda bonnet and bolt on flares are they? Any help? Cheers

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Why does it have two sets of springs in the rear? The axle and coil over. Maybe it acts as a helper spring

  6. ae86guy says:

    the body kit is CBY, the rear double spring setup is crazy. not sure the point, the rear coilover setup on ae86 with out supported shock towers is pointless.

  7. Mads says:

    Very nice build, it’s just a great car that AE86.

  8. Wolf3D says:

    Anyone know there to buy a drift ready AE86 ?

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