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TEC ART’S 7A-GE ‘Black Limited’ Trueno

SUPER STREET magazine from the United States have got an excellent article up on the absolutely insane TEC-ART’S Trueno. Check out the full article over on SUPER STREET.

Tec-Art’s New 7AG Black Limited TURBO!

Here’s the new powerhouse from N2 heavy hitters Tec-Art’s! Quite the special car to choose as your workshop demo! Hotness indeed.

Have a read (if you can) of the magazine article from the latest G-Works. Page One. Page Two. Page Three.

VIDEO: 7A-GE 20v Levin Coupe

This is what you get when you put a 7A-GE 20v with an SXE10 (Altezza) 6 speed into an AE86 Levin Coupe.

(Yes, we know the music sucks!)

Source: Youtube