Jaromir Cech Talks FT-86

The senior designer of the FT-86 project Jaromir Cech talks to Autocar UK about the design philosophies and ideals behind the European-designed Toyota concept. Interesting to see the enthusiasm for the concept to go directly into production ‘as-is’ from Toyota Japan’s directors, with the hope of not changing much (if anything) from the concepts exterior look.  Lets hope they can get it past pedestrian safety checks and onto the road!

[Via 86ers]

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2 Responses to Jaromir Cech Talks FT-86

  1. ft86 fan says:

    not sure how trustworthy, but a correspondent on 7tune wrote that he spoke to some toyota person at the ft86 g sports stand and he confirmed that the design is definitely not canceled..

  2. Karl says:

    Nice to see the enthusiasm and passion from the designer, and that the project struck a chord with Mr Toyoda. Let the count down begin to the pending release date in 2012…

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