There’s Something About Luxembourg


When it comes to hachirokus, nothing gives me more happiness than a nicely sorted street-spec AE86. Sure mental AE86 driftcars and balls-out circuit racers are DAMN cool, but its a part of me that really respects a clean daily driven 86.

This orange bandit belongs to HR forum member Yves. A resident of Luxembourg like previous feature car owner Pentti, Yves says his 1985 GT Levin is nothing special right now and he aspires to bring it to the level of Miguel Newera’s 86, what he deems as ultimate hachiroku perfection!

Let me just say, you’ve not got far to go my friend.

I spoke to Yves early this week and he was stoked about the blog feature and had this to say:

At this very moment, I’m swapping the engine for a 4A-GE 20V Blacktop (AE111) running the OEM BT-ECU, SS WORKS waterline kit and distributor relocation kit. Other parts used: Koyo radiator, Pass Racing oil cooler with GReddy sandwich plate, TRD header, HKS Silent Hi Power catback system, T3 velocity stacks, Pipercross air filter, aso.

Suspension is GReddy Type S coilovers with camberplates, T3 RCAs, Cusco strutbar and a Cusco adjustable lateral rod.

Wheels are König B. Bomb 7,5 x 15″ 0 offset with Toyo R1Rs (195/50) but will be upgraded to Compomotive ML 8 x 15″.

Other than this, I’ve installed a Cusco LSD, Oishi Performance side skirts, Momo steering wheel, short-shifter kit and the T3 ‘test pipe’.

As soon as the engine swap is done, I’ll upgrade the interior with 2 Sparco EVO bucket seats and a Wiechers 6pt roll cage. A few more mods are planned for 2009, i.e. fender flares, upgrade suspension (Cusco 4 links, aso.) and a CF hood.

I mainly want to run the car on quite a few track days this year to find a good balance for some time attack fun! That’s what I want to build it for.

With a list of modification plans like that, you’ll certainly be seeing this car again in the near future! Thanks Yves!


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