Euro AE86 One Make Battle!


We started the Euro ’86 battle last year since we thought it would be cool to gather some AE86s on the track and have a fun and friendly competition. The main goal is to have a good time and do some fast laps on track, with the spoils being bragging rights and not much else. Last years turnout was not really as big as you might expect in Japan but it was still a lot of fun for everyone who came along.

This year we already have a bigger AE86 starter field with a variety of cars and concepts in attendance.  The race will take place on the 28th of April during one of our regular Speed Industries trackdays and to maintain as much fairness as possible, we split the field into three classes:

Class 1
Everything mechanical had to remain stock, with the exception of wheels, tyres, shocks and springs and anything in the interior of the car.

Class 2
Original engine (4ag 16V NA) anything else goes!

Class 3

All engine swaps will go into this category, as well as turbo setups and any other crazy modifications. Right now we have got cars in every class and we will see what happens compared to last year times. Best time last year was a 1.37.7 set by myself (oh, you’re so modest Tobias ;) – Garth).

The circuit is in France and called Anneau du Rhin. It is not too long but still has some tricky technical aspects to it. There are a lot of corners with narrowing radius’ on exit, making the turn in point difficult to hit.  Best times I have seen are in the high 1.20’s and a friend with his built S14 ran 1.32. So it will be rather interesting what kind of times we see this year from the little AE86’s!


Here are some pics from last years event.








So get along to the event and check out the racing AE86s!


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