Why You Should Keep Your 4A-C

What is the first thing asked by a ADM Sprinter or USDM SR5 owner on the forums? 9 out of 10 will ask what it takes to do a 4A-C to 4A-GE swap… Why? Is it really necessary? We show you the unpopular (yet super cool) alternative!

As you can see: RaccoonRacing’s 4A-C with a set of Mikuni sidedrafts can sound even more impressive than the stock 4A-GE! After his weber manifold broke he created a manifold for a set Mikunis (taken of a motorcycle)  instead.

You can also build the ultimate 4A-C from the ground up using a 7 rib block. Add to that custom 11:1 compression forged pistons, a huge port and polish and runners twice as big as stock, a 282 degree cam from Schneider Racing, a 38 Weber and a NOS fogger in the intake manifold and you have this monster:


Why go through the trouble of a complete build from scratch and spend more money on a 4A-C than you could buy a low mileage 4A-GZE? As und-R-steer defends his insane 4A-C engine:

“I did it cause I wanted to. I did it to prove that any engine can be fast, if it’s built correctly.
…… and you don’t have to have a dual cam to go fast. Thats why.
The first engine I ever had was a 4ac, and to beat a 4ag, ….it’s all I need.”

Beating a 4A-GE with a 4A-C is one thing, but his aim is to get eventually over the 200hp mark! That would be pretty impressive for an unwanted engine! :)

Most of the time my advice to the SR5 owner is to keep the 4A-C where it is and start with the handling of the car first! What use is a 4A-GE on an unbalanced car anyway?

If you seek more 4A-C info, go to the 4AC-powered forums. They do amazing things over there!

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20 Responses to Why You Should Keep Your 4A-C

  1. Kid Karola says:

    I saw a 280 odd degree cam on ebay once… I loled.
    Gives new meaning to ” Relax, it’s only 4AC” :’D

  2. Richard says:

    hmm i dont know i mean good on him for be different, unique and total disregard for money lol. kinda like my mate who went outta his way puttin a bigger cam and shit into his 18LE in n13 pulsar only to discover i still whipped his ass in a 1.5 standard excel. he wasnt greatest of drivers tho. i like the ppl who do shit like this but still its not a performance engine. he could of built a bullet proof 4age with that cash. i just think some engines are not worth building on. it all comes down to a good base model i reckon. well done anyways!

  3. mat says:

    It is still a ugly motor

  4. rip mj says:

    not everyone has the cash to do the 4ag swap so doing up a 4ac is pretty dope. & who says the motor has to look pretty? haha bunch a little girls.

  5. Banpei says:

    @rim mj: exactly my point. :)
    Doing a 4AGE swap would require changine the wireloom and additional transmission and axle swap. A lot of work to come to the conclusion that you still have a shitty suspension. Better do the suspension first and then concentrate on gaining hp.

  6. hmmm says:

    Now why does a 4age conversion require a transmission and axle swap?

    • Garth says:

      it doesnt require an axel swap or a transmission swap but they do help. Here’s why:

      The bellhousing on a Japanese delivered T50 has the slave cylinder mount on the opposite side to the one delivered on the Australian version. Swapping it lessens heat absorption into the clutch slave line which would occur from running it behind the engine and over the transmission when using the Australian delivered bellhousing.

      The axel swap is because s-series diff centres cannot accommodate LSD centres, and if you want to make good use of the power produced by any engine, you need a differential designed to accomodate that. Therefore using a T-series with an LSD centre is the better choice.

  7. Richard says:

    the amount of cash required to do that it would of been cheaper to do a 4age swap and yes 4ac is ugly

  8. Banpei says:

    4AGE swap cheaper? In case of the rebuilt 4AC by und-R-steer: yes, but in case of the Mikuni setup by RaccoonRacing: no.
    And if you want a beautiful engine you should really get a Mazda triple rotor. ;)

  9. Juan says:

    why is the 4ac so bad anyways?

  10. ArbPotatoes says:

    4AC is single cam, still uses rockers and makes only around 50kw. Just not a powerful motor.

  11. Datsoon1972 says:

    Damm, that 4ac is sick I’m glad to see there are owners out there still keeping it O.G.

    If its’ an SR5 keep it an SR5 if you want a 4age buy a GTS don’t waste your time on an SR5…

  12. Perfectsleeper808@Gmail.Com says:

    Damm I wish I knew all of this before I bought my corolla SR5. I need some answers to why I gotta warm up my car alot longer in the mornings just to avoid my engine from what I think is either starving or flooding the minute I take off. I running a 32/36 DGV Weber on my 4ac. removed & capped all vacuum lines. what did overlook or what’s missing? do I need to hook up my distributor vacuum advance line or is it choke adjustments? can somebody tell me.

  13. Ro says:

    If you did a vac delete and installed a weber, yes you still need the vacuum advance from dizz to carb. Likely throttle choke needs adjusted. Double check and make all lines are capped.

    Did you remove the carbs heat plate?
    New carb gaskets? Spray stater fluid around base of card if leaking it will suck in fluid-rev.


  14. Amilcar says:

    4AGE is a good engine but in my country panama it´s to hard to find, people owner of those motors 4AGE don´t release them for less then 1,000 bucks. it´s a lot of money for a 15 or more years engine depending on the version you can get.
    I acknowledge that the 4AC engine is equal to or older than the 4AGE, but the important thing here is that not all people have the resources to buy the engine they please and spend on expensive pieces, and have to survive on the cheap with what it has on hand. I do not blame them, I commend them for keeping creativity alive and powerful engine that nobody wants as 4AC


  15. eddie martinez says:

    4Ac is a fun motor to play with and at the same time yes it does lake power and torque. but I just rebuilt mine and I’m only 17 and it actually cost less than getting 4age another thing you could do you get the head from a 4age and put it on the 4ac block and it will hold pretty good

  16. 4aginosr says:

    In the early nineties I had mine with mikuni40phh combo from TRD. I reground the stock cam to 0.400/286, installed new 4AGE pistons, Hays Stinger ignition conversion kit, adapted whatever brand intake valves (BMW’s I think it was), fabbed up ignition leads, a big-ass og Accel coil and fabbed up header.

    Thusly equipped without the benefit of slicks, this 4A in my SR AE86 ran a best a string of high fourteens in the 1320. An improvement of over 4seconds. In the early nineties!

  17. amilcar says:

    congratulations for that mod 4aginosr, but i guess we need a step by step modification post for new people like me.. if that post include pics , tricks,parts , detailed explanation of your mods would be perfect. a lot of people like me still have a 4AC engine , but we don’t know how to get out all the power of that engine .. in my case I’m a computer engineer but I really appreciated any expert information that can be useful to convert my 4AC in a monster for less money a kick 4AGE lovers opinions …

    by the way BANPEI , you are an ass hole , this post is about 4AC , got it????

    how can you recommend a mazda engine on this post you moron ….

    that’s way i hate your website and stupid post..

    all we know the power of rotary engine , this post is about low power 4AC , low power , low power 4AC …. you Einstein

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