Celebrating 86 Day 2014

The worldwide AE86 family got into the spirit on the 6th of August to celebrate 86 Day. These Japanese hachiroku mania got out to Sports Land Yamanashi to tear it up, making sure to get in-car camera angles and roof cam angles for maximum effect.

Taka Aono: Privateer

Taka Aono is a pro driver in Formula DRIFT, the premier professional drifting series in the United States. He competes in a 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS, known among enthusiasts by its chassis code: AE86. He has been drifting competitively since 2003.

The progression of professional drifting in recent years has resulted in vehicles of enormous horsepower and build quality, and a shift in judging criteria that rewards high speeds and close proximity in tandem rounds. The general consensus among drivers and fans alike is the AE86, with its short wheelbase and low horsepower output, is no longer competitive in professional level drifting.

Taka has competed in every round of Formula DRIFT since its inception in 2004, and he has done so in his AE86.

Why We Do It

“Some people drive their cars hard and find enjoyment in doing it. I’m just the opposite. I’m happy to just drive them down the street once or twice a year and back into the garage.”

A simply stunning video piece from Landin Williams, a creative from Washington USA that shows how similar we all are.

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Do you want to win tickets to TopGear Festival on 8-9 March at Sydney Motorsport Park? Can you be in Sydney this weekend?

HR has 6x double passes for Saturday and 4x double passes for Sunday to give away thanks to Major Sponsor Toyota Australia!

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Killer AE86 Edits @ Noriyaro.com

Alexi at Noriyaro hits us with killer video after killer video. It’s great to see that content is coming thick and fast from NY again!

Alexi’s also got a Noriyaro2 channel up over on YouTube, with behind the scenes and longer uncut videos so check that out here! 「http://www.youtube.com/user/noriyaro2

Support Beau & Get VIP Treatment @ Australian Drift GP THIS WEEKEND!


Toyota has contacted HR and only a select few of the local 86/BRZ clubs to exclusively invite AE86 and 86 drivers to Round 3 of the Australian Drift Grand Prix this weekend at Sydney Motorsport Park in Eastern Creek to support Beau Yates!

Get to the venue early and if you are one of the first 60 AE86 or 86 cars to show up, you will get exclusive reserved parking inside Sydney Motorsport Park!


These same 60 cars will then be allowed to participate in a slow-speed, on-track cavalcade lap at the end of the day (and Toyota will have their professional photographer there to capture this and share it with the club).


The chance for one person to win the opportunity to get into Beau’s monster drift machine and go for a hot lap at the end of the day (pending schedule/track availability).

Attendees will still need to purchase entry to the event via http://trackbattle.bigcartel.com/

Entry on Saturday is $25, and Sunday $35. Or weekend Pass $50. If you

The ’60’ Spots are available on Saturday or Sunday (or both)!

Toyota will also be brining a driving simulator and some great merchandise along to the track.

So please show your support for Beau and his 86 THIS WEEKEND on the 8-9 February.


Entry to the “dedicated 86 parking zone” is just via the main entrance to SMSP – off Ferrers Road Eastern Creek.

Attendees can just roll into the carpark in their AE86/86’s, show a pre-paid ticket (that you’ve bought on the ADGP website) and they’ll be directed to the 86 area (assuming it’s not yet full).

Other non-AE86/86 vehicles will be required to pay $10 for parking and be positioned further from the track.

Click here to join the list of attendees!

Mental AE86 Drifting @ 2014 Matsuri

Lifetime HR member and all-time awesome guy Allen “Hachi Dude” Lorenzo, took Hoon TV around Tokyo town and hooked them up with this sweet onboard vision from one of the Running Free AE86 drift cars at the Matsuri!

86 Day @ Meihan Sportsland

HR fan and avid MX-5 enthusiast Josh Dobrik just dropped us an email with this tasty morsel of AE86 drifting madness. He writes:

“Thought you guys might enjoy this raw clip I made whilst in Japan. One unforgettable day spent at Meihan Sportsland witnessing these deafening AE86 drivers running amok.”

We do. Awesome.

Russian Itasha: Alexei Omenyuk’s AE86 Levin


Despite hailing from Abakan, a remote city in Russia, Alexei Omenyuk is no stranger to the quirky trends happening in car styling in Japan. In this case itasha.

If you’re not familiar with the term itasha, it’s a play on words in Japanese. Let’s refer to our friend noriyaro to explain:

The word sha means “car”. They cram this word together with another word to describe the origin of a foreign car. Ameshameans “American car”, and itasha means “italian car”.

In this case however, they use the kanji character for “pain”, which is also pronounced ita. What you have then is a car that is painful to look at for most people.

That is unless of course, you’re a big fan of anime, manga or whatever else the car is themed around.


That’s the man with his car above.  It’s packing a 140hp 4A-GE 20 valve Blacktop, a pretty intense roll cage and a TRD 2-way amongst many other mods. A good thing too as he’s a regular competitor in the Russian GT4 Drift Championship and has sometimes takes quite bold and sometimes reckless manoeuvres earning him quite the reputation.


The graphics and Gulf-inspired design were developed in St. Petersburg by the guys from the infamous VinylMadness and manufactured and applied by russian car wrap specialists Graffiko CarStyling.


We love it. Follow Alexei on his Drive2 Profile page here. More pics after the jump!

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RIP: Eiji Toyoda, 1913-2013

Eiji Toyoda

The nephew of founder Sakichi Toyoda, Eiji was with Toyota from the age of 23 as a newly graduating mechanical engineer and saw the release of their first car, the Toyoda AA. He remained with the company all the way until the Lexus LS400 in 1994, where he stepped down from President of the company.

Alongside production manager Taiichi Ohno, Eiji was key to the introduction of Toyota’s now famous Kaizen ideal and their just-in-time production line techniques that saw him steer the company from small-time Japanese manufacturer into and beyond the ‘golden age’ of cars we love: 2000GT, Corolla, Celica, Sprinter, MR2 and Supra.

An inspirational man who lived 100 years and five days and made every single one count.