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AutoBody Miyazato Twin Dori!

Chris from Team Hinga over in sunny Okinawa is a mainstay of the drifting scene over there and has had more than his share of ‘girls’ as he likes to call his AE86’s. Along with his other servicemen mates, they are taking it to the natives and showing them how its done.

Last weekend Chris and the Team Hinga crew set off to whats affectionately known as ‘The Bullring’ track in Okinawa and had what looks to be a pretty damn good day of hard drifting. A massive bunch of pics from the event after the jump.


Yukari Bokujyo in Okinawa, Japan

Just a quicky on this long-weekend holiday, here are a few pics in Okinawa from the Team Hinga boys at a little drive day they had yesterday. A little insight into their little island’s AE86 culture. Cheers to Chris from Team Hinga for the pics.

Check them out after the jump.