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Garage SunRise

It’s the garage we all wish we had: TRD T-50’s to the left, Hi-Comp 4A’s to the right and that wall of tyres… do want!

Tetsuya Hibino’s character on D1 videos might be one of a rude, slang-talking tough guy, but in reality he’s anything but hard to talk to. That is, if you can understand his rapidfire “ittara” Nagoya accent and can keep up with his dictionary-like knowlege of the Toyota AE86 and how to drift it.

Jump over to noriyaro.com for Alexi’s tour of drifting legend Tetsuya Hibino’s workshop: Garage SunRise!

‘86 Essentials: Tube Garage

Another Japanese car yard specialising in AE86s, Tube Garage the place to go for some seriously good condition Hachiroku’s.  Like their Kyoto brothers Carland, Tube Garage offers all kinds of AE86 related goods & services to the folks in around Ichinomiya City in Aichi. Catering for all walks of AE86 enthusiast, they offer ‘Best Car’ and ‘Low Price’ cars in addition to their flock of tasty ‘Regular’ (and we use this word loosely) Levins and Truenos.

Their juxtaposing Trueno and Levin Demo cars, both set-up quite differently (one sporting a AE111 Blacktop 20 valve – the other a AE92 16 valve ‘smallport’), are just a representation of the high standard of vehicles that Tube Garage offer on their 60 car strong ’86-only sales lot!

Check ’em out here.

HOTSTAFF: One Make Racing!

In Japan HOTSTAFF is a name synonymous with hard-tuned circuit-spec 4A-GE’s. Aptly self-exclaimed as a ‘Race Engine Manufacture Company’, HOTSTAFF is located in the north of Japan on the island of Hokkaido far from the neon lights and allure of busy Tokyo. It might be this seclusion from the majority of AE86 garages in southern Japan that makes HOTSTAFF and their customers so unique.

Being so far from the mainstream AE86 scene, the Hokkaido AE86 drivers compete in what they refer to as their ‘One Make Race’. Held a few times a year at Hokkaido Speed Park or HSP since 2005, the ‘One Make Race’ is a small but friendly competition between AE86 drivers to hone their skills and have some fun.

It hasn’t happened since 2006 but we’re hoping the drivers from Hokkaido are planning a comeback!

Check out the pics from the ’06 event after the jump.


Winds Auto Preview

What a cute his-and-hers pairing! These two hachi rokus are owned by soon to be married couple, Kimihiro Obata and Hiromi Kakujima of Winds Auto fame. His car has a fully transplanted SR20 setup – hers, a stock 4A with quads slapped on… I’ll let you guys figure out which ones is who’s by the colour…

The Winds Auto shop (yes that tiny one-room shack in the background…) is located in Kumagaya in rural Saitama, smack-bang in the middle of hundreds of rice fields. It’s from here they service the country AE86’s and have done so for many years earning them quite the rep within the Japanese AE86 scene.

Aussie Journo Alexi Smith made the trip out there to write an article about their shop for an upcoming issue of HPI magazine. Not our for a few months yet, but when it drops be sure to pick it up ‘cos it also will include a whole lot of action shots from a Nikko circuit day aswell!

Image courtesy of Alexi Smith.

’86 Essentials: Carland

Carland might not be the most recognised name in the AE86 racing world, but their cars will no doubt be remembered long after the big names have gone from the circuit. Located in Kyoto, Japan, Carland has been instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of the entire nations AE86’s by way of their insane AE86-exclusive workshop and dedicated mook (a magazine book for those unfamiliar with the Japanese term), “Toyota Levin and Trueno Magazine” published by Tatsumi Publishing.