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AE86 related youtube clips that you need to see!

Video: AE86 D1 Crashes

Prepare to witness some big crashes, its sad to see, but things like this just happen..

Source: Youtube

Video: NZ AE86 Rally Car

If you guys haven’t realised yet, I’m a bit of a rally nut….. Anyway I found this video of a New Zealand AE86 getting thrashed through the forests. This guy’s a really good steerer and I’m sure the car has lots of choice bits under it. The driver, Lyndon Galbraith, ended up finishing 1st in class, 1st 2WD and 15th outright, which is a pretty good result considering he would have been taking it easy as he just spent $20g refurbishing the car with a brand new drivetrain.

Here is the in-car footage from the first stage:

Also i found a newspaper article about the event:

VIDEO: Motore Levin Coupe

We’ve done another tough week here at HR blog. All that watching videos and absorbing hachiroku goodness.. ahh wouldn’t it be nice if we could get paid for doing just this?

Sweetness comes in video form of the Motore Levin Coupe from Touge Showdown 2. Just love the sound of this car!

and as a bonus:

Yes, we’ve all seen it, but it never gets old!

Video: Hasselgren AE86 Time Attack

Ken Gushi VS Keiichi Tsuchiya…who is the better driver? Would this car beat N2 cars in japan?? I don’t think so…but let us know your thoughts in the comments..

AE86’s in YZ Circuit

When it opened in 1997, YZ Circuit was originally intened to be a dedicated motorcycle track, but in recent times the majority of traffic rolls into the track on four wheels. An almost even 50/50 split of grip and drift events ensures that there is always some sweet action on the track and due to the dangerous and exciting nature of the circuit, official competitions and events are often held there much to the delight of motorsport fans.

These pics (courtesy of 7TUNE) are from a recent event held by Tetsuya Hibino from Sunrise Garage. It was mostly a drift practice session but the afternoon had a friendly team drift competition where groups of three cars per team would be competing against each other.

Hit the jump for a huge gallery of AE86 pics from the day


VIDEO: 471hp Twin-charged 4A-GE

A turbo + a supercharger + the always awesome 4A-GE = Madness! This AE86 smashes out 471hp (thats 351kW for you new schoolers) and 508nm of torque at redline – now that’s no mean feat for a 1.6 Liter!

If you want to know more about twincharging a 4A-GE visit this site.

Hit the jump for an extra video showing various stages of the build up.


VIDEO: AE86 Team Drifto

Through our random searching on Youtube during lunch break, we happened to come across this very special video:

Can you name all the drivers in the video? a head start: Ken Maeda is driving the yellow Trueno. Comment with all 5 correct answers and get a free HR sticker!

Source: Youtube

VIDEO: Can You do This?

Katsuhiro Ueo is the undisputed god when it comes to drifting the AE86. This video was from the D1 Street Legal Sekia Hills round where he was piloting a Levin Coupe powered with only a 90hp blacktop 20V. Not many people can steer like that. Simply amazing!!!!!!

Source: Youtube

VIDEO: 7A-GE 20v Levin Coupe

This is what you get when you put a 7A-GE 20v with an SXE10 (Altezza) 6 speed into an AE86 Levin Coupe.

(Yes, we know the music sucks!)

Source: Youtube