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TOSHIKing’s New Clothes


On Saturday, Ebisu Circuit was the venue for some intense practise in preparation for the upcoming D1GP round. Alexi from noriyaro was there and has a few snippets for us. Straight from TOSHIKing himself is this interesting piece of information:

This is what Toshiki Yoshioka’s red AE86 looks like now. Hand-painted skulls and stencils on flat black, and being driven by Tetsuya Hibino.

So those interested in purchasing the car might be surprised to know it’s now wearing a mean-ass paintjob and some new shoes.  Also interesting is the fact that Kouichi Yamashita (owner of Run Free) is back, and qualified for tomorrow driving the Weld JZX100 (not in an AE86 sorry guys!)

Check out the rest of the photos over @ Noriyaro.


It seems there is two red demon AE86’s owned by TOSHIKing, even though Toshiki himself said to Alexi from Noriyaro, that the car was one and the same and that it was also ‘the one he took to America’. Apparently the confusion is with the ‘blue’ Espelir car and the ‘red’ one as we have been contacted by seller of Yoshioka’s ‘Red’ AE86 to which he requested we post this:

The black AE86 which is pictured in this article is NOT the red AE86 driven by Toshiki Yoshioka which is currently for sale and being advertised on The Tuners Group’s website.

The author of this article and the operators of the website apologise to Toshiki Yoshioka, Works Bell and The Tuners Group for any confusion created by the incorrect information published previously in this article.

The red AE86 advertised on The Tuners Group website and the black AE86 pictured in this article are completely different cars.

So there you have it! Sorry intrepid readers, we were apparently wrong! The black car in shot was once red (notice the door jambs and radiator support) and the images on The Tuners Group site show a Red car featuring blue door jambs! The devil, it seems, is in the details!

Tec Art’s Katuzo Trueno


170PS. Hi-Comp 16v 4A-GE. 9″ Wide Work Equipe’s. Full Aero Kit. Tec Art’s Built. Pure Sex.

Check out the pics and full spec list here.

Square But Not


While browsing my HDD, I came across this photo in my ’86 ‘bodykit’ folder and decided to put it up. Garage Zeal isn’t the most well known name in aero kits, but their original design, what i’d call ‘boxy but not’, is refreshing. Reminds me of Group-A era racing for some strange reason. Are any readers running the Garage Zeal kit on their hachi roku? What is your favourite body kit manufacturer?

Naturally Aspirated Nirvana


One of my favorite cars of all time, this Trueno’s photo still hangs proudly over my workspace on a poster that’s over 3 years old. When the car was released, it was exactly what I wanted: Big offset, super wide body and clean paint. Built by Tama Autos and owned by Kiwi GarethThode, this hachiroku is one of NZ’s best.

“I built this car to have a clean, well performing 86,” Gareth told us. As it ripped past, throttle wide open in third gear, deep-dish rims gleaming beneath a widened body it became pretty obvious that he has achieved exactly what he set out to do…

Check out the article (and pics!) over @ the NZPC website.

Manuel Manhao’s Macau GP Levin


Today we have some photos by Aussie-based Irishman Eirecam86 snapped late last year of a very fruity coloured AE86 that now lives in the Macau GP Museum. Driven by Manuel Manhao of Portugal in 1992 and 1993, we don’t know why it’s pink and yellow but it certainly catches your eye! Love your work Eirecam86!


AE86 Downhill @ Irohazaka

Downhill at Irohazaka circa 2002. A mean piece of road made famous by Initial-D and jumping MR-2s.  It leads down a one-way mountain pass to Lake Chuzenji and back up again in a loop as there are separate roads for uphill and downhill traffic. It is the only way in and out of the National park.

The road ascends more than 400 meters in altitude and is named ‘Iroha’, because the original road consisted of 48 needlepoint curves, the same number as there are letters in the Japanese syllabary, formerly known as ‘Iroha’.

Needless to say, this guy has got ‘mad skillz’.

New MCNSPORT ’86 Suspension


It’s always being discussed “What is the best suspension for the AE86?” I think most people will agree that TRD comes out on top with their mix of shortstroke design and adjustability. The problem is that the TRD suspension is only available from Japan and is quiet expensive and now with the Yen being so strong prices have risen again.

Well MCNSPORT in Ireland have got a solution. They be launching a new range of AE86 suspension specially designed with the same valving as the TRD shortstroke adjustables.

Darren McNamara owner of MCNSPORT and drifter extraordinare has this to say about his companys new suspension:

We are working in collaboration with a very well known suspension company to improve on the suspension designs already available for the AE86 while making our new range extremely affordable.

Get the full tech specs, more pictures and stay in the know over on the thread @ AEU86 forums.

Was That Just A…..?

Yes, it was. You can imagine my surprise when one of the Club4AG boys told me my car was in an American chewing gum tv ad. What the? A friend of mine, Felix Alim, had taken the shot on one of our drives through the Old Pacific Hwy and somehow these people in an American advertising agency found it and used it. Pity they couldn’t get the interior right eh?

Who Needs Four?


Tom from Perth sends in his flying two-wheeled Kung-Fu style. Got a tip or a car you want featured? Email us! blog(at)

What Is It About Yellow 86s…


….that makes dogs crazy? This time its Beau’s dog Axel doing a bit of passenger seat mayhem… Axel is the king of the Jones’ boneyard!