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86 @ MCNSPORT Now Live!


Darren over at MCNSPORT dropped me a line recently letting me know their AE86 parts section on their new website is up and running, stocked full of all the parts and upgrades you can think of. Based in County Cork in Ireland, Darren and his buisness partner Peter are more than qualified to help with any questions or enquiries you might have with upgfrading your AE86, as all of the work on their own cars is done in house (as you can see here!)

Go and have a browse through their selection now at MCNSPORT, you just might find something you like?

Crash Bang Boom


Dave, the star of yesterdays eBay video, has a mate Devin. He is the unfortunate owner of this AE86 you see above. Dave writes:

Devin crashed his too, just on Wednesday past.  Last Sunday though he ended up taking 3rd place in the DMCC Western Canadian Championchip final Rround.  I got to judge, which was interesting to say the least, next time I’m just driving thank you very much.  Oh well, at least he got on the podium before she got all balled up!

Have you smashed your ’86? Send us pics to and we will post up a gallery!

Help For A Brother In Need

When there is an AE86 guy in need of support, it seems there is always a camraderie of owners to help out. David Vickers, one of a couple of crazy Canadian hachiroku-heads who visited Alexi in Japan a little while ago, needs the help of the ’86 community to vote for his video entry in the eBay Motors Master competition. The video is fairly hilarious and describes a lot of us pretty accurately so get on over to eBay and check it out!

Impulse Carbon Window Visors


Impulse garage has some tasty new carbon window visors for sale for a skimpy 23,100Yen.  Available in either Levin or Trueno stickered versions, Impuse quotes worldwide shortage and ridiculous pricing of the OEM version as their motivation to produce these exquisitely crafted duplicates. Be warned though, due to lack of space, ordering ahead of time is required to allow to let the Impulse guys to make freshly baked versions just for you!

If plain black carbon isn’t quite your cup-o-tea, they are also available in yellow, red, silver and teal carbon too!

Portugal Power!


Being the birthing nation of our fine AE86, the Japanese are masters of the national ’86 meet, and from what we’ve seen up until now, the Irish are a close second but with this, that might change!  The owners of Portugal put on their annual national AE86 meet seeing over 60 immaculate (mostly Levin) hachirokus convene upon Lieria for a sitdown lunch, afternoon skidpan event and some cruising to Caetano Auto Toyota dealership for what seems showbags and other fancy treats! It’s great to see the local dealerships getting behind the now ageing hachiroku and it’s rabid fans!

See the huge gallery of videos and photographs over @ our friends on the AEU86 and AE86PT forums!

AE86Peru x DriftPeru Meet


Our friends over in Peru have been at it again, introducing the world of drifting to their friends and fellow car enthusiasts. Sergio from the ClubAE86 Peru writes of their recent ‘trackday’ that they held in conjunction with the crew from DriftPeru:

There is a shantytown outside Lima – Peru , in a far away city. It’s along the Pacific Ocean and miles from civilization. On a Sunday morning, the AE86Peru club alongside many friends of the Driftperu organization were there, plus some friends that had come from a drift in japan to teach us some techniques.

In total there were we get together around 35 to 40 cars, mostly AE86 but also KP61s, Altezzas and countless assorted Nissans. This is the highest concentration of drift that has taken place in Peru to date! Drifting like this is in its infancy here, people do not have high powered engines or professional racing circuits like in other countries so we managed to have fun our way, looking for places like this to start the drift!

Check out  Sergio and his mates over @ ClubAE86 Peru and the pics and video after the jump.


That Unmistakable Style


If it’s one thing those paddys can do, it’s throw a car meet. Hit the link to see some wicked hachirokus and some rare as hell Toyota steel from a recent car show in Ireland.

HR Forums.

When Time Stands Still


Two new wallpapers over in the downloads section for your enjoyment. This time HR member Genkin shows off his JDM Levin coupe in what could have been, if time stood still.

Section D


No, it’s not Project D, Initial D or Perfect D. This is Section D, an AE86 crew (amongst others) hailing from Hawaii.  HR member EVADE (who is always in the thick of the hachiroku scene in the 808 state) is a part of this well-fitted club and recently they met up for a day of driving and hanging out.

Check out the pics @ AEU86 Forums!

Antiguan AE86 with 3SGTE

An oldie but a goodie. It’s always nice to see the AE86s charm reaching as far wide as places like Antigua. If you’re wondering where Antigua is click here to learn!