Keiichi’s Fuji Hot Lap

AE86 on the 1.5km long Fuji Speedway straight? Hell yes.

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5 Responses to Keiichi’s Fuji Hot Lap

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  2. Richard says:

    dont u just love the fact that to him it seems like a sunday drive. nice!

  3. Karl says:

    How good does the N2 16V sound?!? Turn it up!!!
    (Dude I literally spent hours digging for this last week :P )

    As you can tell by the pristine Super White paint and lack of TRD livery, this is one of Keiichi’s first impressions of the Monster hachiroku. You can see the grin in his eyes on the close up! :D

  4. JC says:

    This is my fave incarnation of this wonderful car, before the GT wing and graphics. I can watch this stuff for hours.

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