Hachiroku Damashii Cover & Info

Care of Minkara user Netsu Chi, we have the shot of the cover of the new Hachiroku Damashii Magazine!

From Sun-A’s website, a brief listing of whats on the inside in the best engrish you’ve ever seen:

AE86 Restoration quarter-century modifications, Come, come early FT-86 – Air dry charismatic new tuners Love Story starts now 13 saw their name FT-86 tuner in the future, Dorikin Muken of Keiichi Tsuchiya, the斬Ru Hibino!, ALL NEW!渾身next generation Subaru Boxer 4 , Validation! Occitane bee DNA is inherited, Initial D Takumi and horizontal New Developments, Full of secret story! Tada Tetsuya FT-86’s development chief, SCOOP: Expected to run from the real-propelled Spy Photos, AE86 – After his brave trajectory trajectory tuning motorsport, Love bee team Occitane Hachirokumaisutakarando得知, And for the FT-86 – “Convergence of real and virtual” Mr. Kazunori Yamauchi Gran Turismo, Porori involuntarily?, Tokyo Auto Salon PLAYBACK FT-86 Talk Show.

Until ours arrives from Japan, you’ll all have to wait in wonder and salivate over the possibilities!


6 Responses to Hachiroku Damashii Cover & Info

  1. ntboon says:

    That’s an awesome Japlish paragraph!
    Now….. will it fit on an SUV wheel cover?

  2. ft86 says:

    Can you please tell how you ordered the mag from overseas?

  3. Julz says:

    Awesome, who is going to organise mass subscriptions for us HR boys, Also can someone fix my account I cant login to the forums :(

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