DTCC One Make Race


The DTCC is an AE86 one-make series from Japan which has a very strict set of rules to ensure what they call ‘close battle’ racing.  The only engine allowed is an NA 4A-GE with bore modifications permitted but the stroke must remain the same. The block MUST be a 4A block, both 16v and 20v are allowed for entry and all other mods are open.

To keep the competition fun and fresh for each race, the winner and second place finisher will have 40kg and 20kg weight handicaps added to their cars, increasing the stopping time and cutting their power to weight down drastically.  There is an 80kg total handicap limit so if one person wins all the races in a season they wont have to lug around over 200kg of ballast!

Speaking of weight, just like in F1, the drivers who win will have their cars weighed and if they fall under the set limit of 795kg a penalty will be served and the car will be required to fatten up for the minimum weight limit for the next race. It seems they don’t want runaway victories in the DTCC but fun and friendly competition between hachiroku racers!

Check out their website (Japanese Only) for more information and we’ll keep you posted as the rounds count down.

Here’s some video coverage of the event on the 9th of June. Enjoy!

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