Idlers Circuit Meet @ Tsukuba


Idlers meets at Tsukuba Circuit.  Mike from SPEEDHUNTERS says “is where you’ll find the very best in Japanese automotive culture”. After seeing images such as these, I don’t doubt a single minute that he’s wrong! Here are some quotes from the article:

There have been a few changes to the event format since the last time I’ve been to one of these. There’s now an all-AE86 trophy race that’s been added to the festivities. It was a bit like an N2 race except that the cars were slightly more street-oriented.

and this one I’m still laughing over…

Although Idlers is strictly a grip event, it’s nearly impossible to get a bunch of tuned AE86 drivers together without at least a bit of tail-out antics.

Haha! It looks like we AE86 drivers have a bit of a reputation huh? I like that! Even though the event was dominated by Porsches, more than just a few AE86s turned up to race (and apparently get a little sideways too!), so jump over to SPEEDHUNTERS blog here and here to get all the pics!

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4 Responses to Idlers Circuit Meet @ Tsukuba

  1. Matt-AE86 says:

    Thanks Garfield :)

  2. Richard says:

    some nice porsches ther looks a bit weird all jdm style with the jap plates on european brm brm’s. looks like it would of been good to be ther :(

  3. Pedro says:

    Really nice pictures and report. About the black matte levin: I’m in love man! ;)

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