AutoArt 1/18 AE86 Initial-D Tuned Version


Oh yes! When we asked for a ‘Project D version’ of the AE86 from AutoArt all those months ago, it seems someone had listened! AutoArt has another exquisite 1/18 scale hachiroku for you avid toy collectors to purchase and add to your fleet! Unfortunately still missing the AE101 ‘TRD Spec’ 4A-GE from the actual Project D version of the car, it still makes for a pretty nice piece of desk art.

Priced @ $129USD it isn’t cheap, but for you highrollers out there, you can pick it up over at AutoArt with some of that Stimulus package (if you have any left!). Hit the jump for more photos!



Racing bucket and harness!


Beautiful carbon detailing, pity about the standard bluetop.


No soundsystem in this bad boy!

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7 Responses to AutoArt 1/18 AE86 Initial-D Tuned Version

  1. Richard says:


  2. JC says:

    I hear the detail is so good in this model, that it even has the sunroof hoodlining fitted to get the different map lights!

  3. Alonso says:

    COOL, but will be better if this hachiroku have an TRD spec 4AGE 20v xD

  4. kinfai says:

    This isnt Takumis 86
    1st It dosent have Tofu sticker.
    2nd The Wheel is wrong (Steering wheel)
    3rd The engine is wrong if its for PROJECT_D

  5. genkin says:

    Correct, this isn’t the ‘Initial D’ Autoart model it’s the ‘Special Tuned’ version. However there is a Takumi Initial D comic version.
    Check out for photos of the Initial D version.

  6. T_T says:

    Very late comment…stumble across this post

    4th Missing the cup and cup holder

    This is the Initial D version but not Project D version we all are still waiting for…

  7. Malcolm Lau says:

    Hi dear,

    Are you selling this at USD129? Can you give me further discount? How much is the freight charges deliver this item to Brunei?

    Malcolm Lau
    P.O.Box 3010
    BSB BS 8675

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