Tomei Needs Your Input!

Tomei Japan have contacted HR to get the word out about their plans to develop a 5A-G kit. They have blueprint designs for the crank and conrods already but are in desperate need of more information on possible potential customer requests!

So Tomei need to know which will be more popular: NA or Forced Induction (if they get more FI piston requests they might make specialised FI engine kits)

Also what approx target compression ratio you guys are after and with what type of camshafts the proposed engine of yours would use? (degree specs and cam lift numbers please, the more info the better the result! Valve Timing specs too!)

What 4A-G type would you prefer the kits be made for? 16V AE86, 16V AE92 or 20V AE101 AE111 engines.

They are proposing using a crank design of 81mm stroke. Does this suffice with you guys or are you after something a little different?

Please get behind us on this so we can generate more aftermarket parts for the AE86. We need to support these companies who continue to show our AE86 the love – even after so many many years.

Hit the forum thread and vote in the poll and make your views heard! Get the parts YOU want!


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