Has The ‘Economy Crisis’ Slowed Your ’86 Build?

As most of us who live in Australia already know, buying AE86 parts from overseas has now become quite well, insane. Currency rates have almost halved from what they were 4 months ago and as a result a lot of the local parts imports companies have gone belly up.

Having just dropped over 3 large on a bodykit shipped to Sydney, I can say that for me it hasn’t slowed down. It’s a case of ‘I need it now, and the economy isn’t going back to where it was anytime soon’ philosophy and a need to finish a project that was started in motion before the crisis hit.

The alternative is buying locally made parts, but the problem is there just isn’t enough variety of aftermarket products for the AE86 being produced locally to provide alternatives to buying American or Japanese.  I can’t speak for our American or European readers but here in Aus we have no choice but to import.

What are your attitudes towards the situation? Are you prepared to pay for what you need regardless of the price? Or are you waiting until the dollar/euro/pound gets stronger before you commit to buy?

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