Victoria ‘OMGWTFBBQ’ Meet-Up

We would like to announce our first HR meet in Victoria was a huge success! With a total of 13 AE86’s turning up, a great Aussie BBQ (although sometimes burnt) food and finally meeting the AE86 owners of Victoria it was one of our biggest meets in a long long time and definitely long overdue.

Full event write-up and pics after the jump!

Our first official HR Melbourne meet was located at Westerfold Park in Templestowe. The weather looked a bit suspect but it held off and we were able to have our gloriously burnt BBQ. It took 4 people to light up the bbq and I’ve never inhaled so much smoke in my life! Although I found out hardly anyone brought any food along (you cheap bastards), I luckily had plenty to go around. I would like to thank Peter and everyone else who volunteered for helping me cook the food. Also like to thank Leo and Aaron for bringing the much needed drinks.

After we filled our belly’s up with food we packed up and went down to an empty car park to take some photos and introduce ourselves and explain a bit about our AE86’s (thanks Ronald for getting everyone to introduce themselves). There was a wide range of AE86’s from drift pigs to clean ADM AE86s and some JDM Trueno’s. I was surprised to find out there were quite a few 4AGZE AE86’s in Victoria! And only one AE86 had a 4ac in it so that was reassuring.

Unfortunately it was to late in the day so we had to cancel our cruise, but we will plan that for a future meet so stay tuned.

Hopefully I will see you all and some new faces at the next HR meet! Keep an eye on the forums for times and dates!

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