Conquering One Hill At a Time!

What an amazing example of an 86! And no less that it gets used and abused exactly like an AE86 should. This hill climb 86 is from a fellow UK enthusiast who has devoted alot of time and money turning a UK GT-spec AE86 (i know you irish luv him) into an all decimating hill climbing machine.

This car has received a complete pull down in the past to which made the car look like it just came out of the factory and most recently had most of its drivetrain rebuilt. For example, it now has a ford Type-9 close ratio dog box, lots of little rose joints in all the specialised arms and a complete ground up rebuilt 20v black top that sounds simply amazing.

To hear and see this thing conquer a mountain (or three), check out not one but three youtube vids after the jump.

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