Malaysia’s Mount Akina

Bukit Putus road. They abandoned it, the AE86ers discovered it.

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7 Responses to Malaysia’s Mount Akina

  1. redsprinter says:

    FRESH …

  2. jeffH says:

    zzzzzz….err is it over yet?

  3. JAY says:

    is great drif and great viedo….YOU ARE THE GREAT DRIFTER….

  4. pitt says:

    o my god!!!i like it im a buying one ae86…3s turbo…hm….

  5. flamefire22 says:

    its Tengku Djan,the malaysian best drifter have won many race agains drift origin yup he won in japan race..get to know him,can search in youtube for more action.
    wish one day i can be like him :p

    – p e a c e –

  6. colin says:

    tengku who?

  7. eStoDrift says:

    I got two words for flamefire22


    search youtube for even more action :P :P

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