Not For The Purists: Yankee Style

This is globalisation working its strange voodoo.  1: AE86 craze in Japan jumps the Pacific to the USA to be popularised by the Need For Speed Underground franchise bringing the humble hachiroku to the masses. Step 2: USA goes hell for leather giving the ‘Corolla GT-S’ their own unique flavor, adding on key items like huge wheels and ground-effects kits – Just think ‘Jada Toys’. Step 3: USDM-Style gets picked up in Japan coming full circle with a Japanese take on the American way of like (similarly called Yankee-Style in fashion circles) and you get something like this monster! 17″ wheels wearing 215×40 tyres and a big-single SR20 under the hood.

[HACHI ROKU RECIPE: Small car, big turbo via NoriYaro]

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7 Responses to Not For The Purists: Yankee Style

  1. Mikeyee says:

    Ooo, I was expecting ae’s on airbags with louvers, candy paint, puerto rican flags, molded kits, and chromed out rims. But this is cool too, there are only handful of ae’s on 17s out here that I know of.


  2. Dan says:

    What’s with all that rim? Scary stuff.

  3. Sam-Q says:

    I also expected worse, I can live with this, much unlike the camo paint scheme one american had..

  4. redsprinter says:

    i dont think its yankee style at all. this car is jdm 100% . lots of ae86s in japan have motor conversion. and run bigs wheels. its just that we on the other side of the world dont see it .

    maybe the 17s are there because it runs big brakes. i mean hibino is his d1 car had a sr20 and was running 16+ sized rims on this levin coupe.

    alot of usdm cars try way too hard to the point where they actually miss the cool point and just become lame .

  5. Tekno Twinky says:

    Im with redsprinter on this i mean LEVINS were never even available in US so its all a bit over drawn in here.

  6. Inaru Mejil says:

    Just to correct (MIKEYEE) if the car would have airbag suspencions and candy paint will be mexican style. It will be Puertorican if under the hood will be Rotary 12A pushing 400hp on gass with mickey thompson wide rear tires and slim tires at the front. And making a 1/4 mile under 8.4 seconds. Like mine does. Thats Puertorican style.

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