Pimp My 4A-G!


Remember these? Well they are now available to buy!

If you’re engine bay is running trick bits but you’re upset no one can see ’em, hit up Zaklee Corp and get your bling on! Woot!


4 Responses to Pimp My 4A-G!

  1. John says:

    …just run no cover

  2. Genos says:

    A4-GE 20 valve?

  3. Rob@Zaklee says:

    We at Zaklee have these for the FWD version, as well as the RWD version shown. Get them here: http://www.ZakleeCorp.com!

    Genos – At the moment, the 20V is a great idea, but doesn’t make much business sense. :(

    – Rob@Zaklee

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