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AE86 Community United: Official AE86 T-Shirt


Working together with Shatsu Clothing, the AE86 Community has created this AWESOME T-shirt, representing Clubs throughout the World: 86ers.org, HR – Hachiroku.com.au, The Corolla Brotherhood, AE86irl, AE86 World, and many many more.


Very *LIMITED* Numbers Available, be fast to Order yours now!

Contact us on: webmaster@hachiroku.com.au with your desired size. Payment via PayPal.

Price: 30AUD + $9 Shipping… Available to Australia & New Zealand (with a small increase in shipping price)



HEEL & TOE: Sweet Oblivion T-Shirt Pre-Order

Pretty freakin’ cool eh? Just like Initial D, just with 100% less Takumi!

The boys over at Sweet Oblivion are taking your pre-orders for their killer new shirt featuring a clutch kickin’ N2 madman, so jump over there now and snap one up!