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Levin & Trueno Magazine Volume 21!


The new Levin & Trueno Magazine is out!  Volume 21 features the 2009 way to do a 20valve swap properly, with all of the difference approaches covered in detail as well as a feature on how to build a hachiroku for ‘adult spec’ – the procedure to keep your AE86 long-term!

Pop by your local Japanese bookstore and grab your copy today! We can do mail orders for a small service fee for those of you who aren’t so lucky to have one close.

’86 Essentials: Carland

Carland might not be the most recognised name in the AE86 racing world, but their cars will no doubt be remembered long after the big names have gone from the circuit. Located in Kyoto, Japan, Carland has been instrumental in the restoration and maintenance of the entire nations AE86’s by way of their insane AE86-exclusive workshop and dedicated mook (a magazine book for those unfamiliar with the Japanese term), “Toyota Levin and Trueno Magazine” published by Tatsumi Publishing.