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Hawaiian Style: Al Ramiscal’s Trueno Coupe

Perfect weather, beautiful women and amazing AE86s. What can’t Hawaii provide to the world?  Rolling on TE37V with those trademark gold bumpers, Al’s Trueno 2-Door is just oozing with style.

Read the full story and more images at The Corolla Brotherhood blog.

Section D


No, it’s not Project D, Initial D or Perfect D. This is Section D, an AE86 crew (amongst others) hailing from Hawaii.  HR member EVADE (who is always in the thick of the hachiroku scene in the 808 state) is a part of this well-fitted club and recently they met up for a day of driving and hanging out.

Check out the pics @ AEU86 Forums!

Hawaii 8-6:


HR Forum member EVADE gives us the latest on what’s happening in the local Hawaiian AE86 scene.

The meet was just a bunch of friends meeting up at a park and getting out there doing some driving. ’86 meets hardly happen here in Hawaii so when it happens again I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

Until then, here are some photos of the latest meet.


Hawaii’s Hottest Hachirokus

There’s something unique about the Hawaiian AE86 scene you just can’t put your finger on… Maybe it’s the blend of Japanese Aesthetic and US ‘tuner’ style that meshes together so nicely, or maybe just the absolute attention to detail these guys put into their rides that makes them all seem so showroom perfect.

Hit the jump for a selection of Hawaii’s greatest. Props to HR forum member EVADE for the compilation – 808 Represent!