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Craziest Engine Swap Ever?

mascor ae86

Just when you thought you had seen every possible engine swap so far, here we are to prove you totally wrong! MasCor, a new member at AEU86, is a Turkish AE86 owner who did one of the craziest swaps I’ve seen so far. Can you tell what this hachi is hiding under its hood? Hit the jump to see the answer!


F20C Conversions: The New Black?

If you’re ontop of whats happenning in drifting worldwide, you would be aware of the current trend of putting the Honda S2000’s F20C engine into the AE86. One reason you could summise why the swap is so popular is to try and reduce the inherent lack of power output most professional AE86 drifters suffer from.  At least 5 major AE86 drifters from the USA have chosen the Honda route and successfully pulled it off with the European guys more recently jumping onto the bandwagon with conversions of their own.

Now here @ HR Blog we love all things AE86, however some of us are purists whilst others embrace the idea of the engine transplant. We want to know what you think about engine transplants (or any other complete component transplants for that matter) and what your dream AE86 configuration would entail. Original, Hi-tech or a straight out mongrel – get commenting and let us hear your ideas!