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Winds Auto Preview

What a cute his-and-hers pairing! These two hachi rokus are owned by soon to be married couple, Kimihiro Obata and Hiromi Kakujima of Winds Auto fame. His car has a fully transplanted SR20 setup – hers, a stock 4A with quads slapped on… I’ll let you guys figure out which ones is who’s by the colour…

The Winds Auto shop (yes that tiny one-room shack in the background…) is located in Kumagaya in rural Saitama, smack-bang in the middle of hundreds of rice fields. It’s from here they service the country AE86’s and have done so for many years earning them quite the rep within the Japanese AE86 scene.

Aussie Journo Alexi Smith made the trip out there to write an article about their shop for an upcoming issue of HPI magazine. Not our for a few months yet, but when it drops be sure to pick it up ‘cos it also will include a whole lot of action shots from a Nikko circuit day aswell!

Image courtesy of Alexi Smith.

WTF: AE86 Front End + KE70 = KE86???

I think I’ll let the picture do the talking on this one…

Seriously… What the?

Source: Houston Imports

AE86 found in Grand Theft Auto 4!

UPDATE 2 MAY 2008: We have managed to find the elusive little car and have some better shots of the FUTO after the jump. It handles like a dream and is quite zippy in comparison to the other smaller cars in the game. We found it in the ‘Meadow Hills’ area of ‘Dukes’ for those who are yet to drive it.

It only took a day but an AE86 has been discovered in GTA4! Called a Karin FUTO (tofu reference?) in game, the car is obviously modelled on an AE86, a Levin coupe to be exact, and has the kouki clear fog-light grill and what looks like some 8-spoke RS Watanabe rims.

Even the engine bay got the perks as it sports a quad-throttle equipped 4A-GE and the interior is almost identical to a USDM AE86! Apparently it even has a sticker saying “Inline 20v Twin Cam” on the side! Looks like someone on the team was an AE86 fan! Thanks to you Mr mystery modeller!

Still, there has been no word on how it handles in-game yet or where it commonly turns up. We will let you know as soon as someone can tear themselves away for long enough to tell us!

Some pics after the jump!


What Not to do to Your AE86….

We are ok with the idea of transplanting Nissan parts into AE86’s but this is taking it a little too far…

The only saving grace is that its reversible… poor little AE86…

Wrecked Magazine: Eric O’Sullivan’s F20C ’86 Feature

An online Blog / Magazine known as Wrecked Magazine has done a very interesting feature on well known Irish drifter, Eric O’Sullivan and his Honda F20C powered AE86. The magazine also features some other unique information about drifting from around the world too so check it out over at Wrecked Here.

Source: Wrecked Magazine

New HR Stickers Now Available!

Here at the HR sticker lab, we have been working hard to produce a range of new stickers for you guys and gals to slap on your trusty steeds and represent your love for all things AE86!

These suckers will set you back only $3.00AUD each! There is also a discount if you make multiple purchases at one time. IE: Buy 4 and only pay $10! This special promotion is a great idea from our lovely HR sticker model, so get in quick coz that’s a hot deal – just like her chest!

We have Carbon, Black Glitter, Gold Glitter, Rainbow Chrome Mirror, White, Red, Blue, Red Glitter, Yellow, Gold Metallic, Bronze Metallic, Green Glitter, and Silver Glitter plus heaps more to come!

So to get your hands on these please email

Advise how many stickers you’d like and what colors, then send your Full name and address in the email and after you have deposited your $$$ the stickers will be sent to you asap!

Please remember to email before you deposit money.

Full details can be found here

(Raunchy pics of sticker range after the jump, PS. NSFW!)


Cheers to Kultivate Weblog!

Jeroen from Kultivate Weblog has kindly featured our site on his massively popular auto blog. it’s not every day you have someone so humble as to post your brand new blog on their’s (highly regarded throughout the world with over 3000 unique views everyday too).

So don’t delay, head on over to his site and see some top-notch tuner-auto coverage!

Cheers Jeroen!