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Dorikin AE86 Street 2012 Version

Hot Version DVD Volume 114 will feature Tsuchiya’s rebuilt 1.8L 7A-GE 20v AE86. From the sound of the video below, it’s one angry little powerplant!

Just look how happy he is!

Watercolour Wonderland

Check out these nostalgic watercolour wallpapers from Masahia Higuchi courtesy of TRD.

TRD 86 Performance Line

Along with Toyota’s official annoucnement of the New 2012 86 Prices and trim specifications, TRD has also followed suit with unveiling what they are calling their ‘TRD Performance Line’.

Offering a full aero kit along with various suspension, chassis and brake parts, TRD has created a very well rounded catalogue for their new flagship sports.

Check it out here.

Toyota 86 Japanese Prices Announced!

Toyota have unveiled their new 2012 86 model trims and prices. Starting with the top model of GT Limited, Toyota have provided a level of detail and options for all levels of enthusiast. GT, G and the RC versions round out the selection.

Check out the page at Toyota Japan here.

An Exercise In Detail

Takumi takes a visit to Ireland for a damn smooth photoshoot.

See all the gorgeous photos at Juicebox

Future Proof: A BEAMS Weapon AE86

This is Sam Futcher’s AE86 Levin. Under the hood you will find none other than the 5th generation Dual VVT-i 3S-GE, or as it’s more commonly known, a BEAMS. This special variant of the 3S engine series is quickly gaining momentum as the engine for those considering conversions.

You see when Toyota needs a kick-ass motor made (like the 4A-G, 2ZZ or 2JZ) it calls upon Yamaha to work their special magic, and the 3S-G engine series is no different.  BEAMS is an acronym for Breakthrough Engine with Advanced Mechanism System, referring to the somewhat special dual VVTi system that comes on the ‘Blacktop’ in Sam’s Levin Hatch.

Read more at Excitement! Car Magazine

USDM Done Oh-So-Right!

With what I believe is the perfectly blend of factory and aftermarket parts, Elvin Suico’s Corolla GT-S has that ‘OEM Look’ down to a tee.  Going for the JDM-conversion look on his USDM AE86, Elvin has, in my opinion, the perfect USDM ride.

Check out the entire article over at NW Built

HOLY CRAP! FT-86 Leaked Brochure!

Start saving those pennies! Bodykit options, paint options, wow! Check it out translated at 7Tune here!

When You Hear It…

Sixteen valves at then thousand revolutions per minute. Godlike!

I Love My AE86!

Low Brain TV are onto something with their ‘I Love My AE86’ series of videos features some of the world’s AE86 owners waxing lyrical about their affinity for the mighty little Hachiroku. Hit the jump for more.