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7TUNE has more saliva inducing details on the gorgeous new FT-86 (Future Toyota 86), and by the looks of things, Toyota designers may have gone a little crazy with the carbon fibre! The attention to detail on this car, coupled with Toyota’s apparent (and somewhat surprising) enthusiasm towards it, make me believe this is one concept we just might see on showroom floors! My sentiments on this car are summed up pretty damn accurately in this quote from the article:

After looking at these pics for the best part of an hour, I really do feel like I am looking at an AE86. They have taken the lines, soul, and concept behind the AE86, thrown it in a blender with a 2011 calendar and this is the result.

The car may not scream ‘I’m a neo-retro remake!!’ like GM’s new Camaro and so many other recent ‘retro’ models do, but it does however give you that subtle feeling of familiarity and attitude that you are really looking at the next-generation of thinking and design that made the original ’86 so damn good. I think this concept really does try to push boundaries with both exterior design and what most people consider ‘normal’ in terms of in-cabin equipment (for example the capacitive touch CD player controls and hexagonal airconditioning vents) but all without getting absolutely outragous or gaudy in the process.

Whatever the outcome of this concept, at the least I hope it gives Toyota a re-invigorated passion to make exciting and groundbreaking sportscars, as well all know it’s been a long time coming for something this radical from the automaker who has brought us so many iconic machines of yesteryear.

Image: Toyota / Car@Nifty

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