Goto-San In Action

Okay, we all saw pictures of Goto-san’s insane boro AE86 by Alexi Smith at Nori Yaro and we all saw videos of him drifting near the sidewall on several drift events and circuits but what you probably didn’t see yet (unless you read this article at is what it looks like to sit next to him!

Fortunately enough the Youtube user jtarotaro did have the privilege to ride shotgun with Goto-san! Just watch this epic video!

His driving is just as insane as the looks of his levin! Just skip to @1:35, @2:15 and @6:00 to see what I mean! Also @7:55 can best be described as: “Look ma! No hands!” Epic! :D

And here is another occasion where he was sitting shotgun with Goto-san:

Great to see Goto-san having fun with the two other hachis on the Fuji Speedway drift course! (a.k.a. Fisco)

According to Alexi this is Goto-san as well before his car was boro as it is now:

His style is surely the same. ;)

I wonder what will happen when Goto-san needs a new car. Will he stay with the AE86? I surely hope so because every AE86 just asks for a good beating by him. ;)

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