2009 N2 AE86 Battle @ Tsukuba

The 2009 N1, N1.5, Group A, N2, N2S & D1GP AE86’S Battle, which took place on 26th of December 2009, is finally out on Hot Version DVD #103. Not a bad way to spend Boxing Day huh? Check it out via YouTube:

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4 Responses to 2009 N2 AE86 Battle @ Tsukuba

  1. Micha says:

    awesome videos

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  3. luis twin says:

    26122009011.26122009012.13052010074.13052010073.13052010075.13052010077.13052010078.jpg hello os dejo unas fotos de un ae86 en canarias y un trueno

  4. Tekno Twinky says:

    thank you. epic lol @5.05+

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